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Why GFI licenses and GFI license renewals are important to your business

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New GFI licenses and keeping your GFI license renewals up to date

In today’s world, organizations often prefer to rely on the most convenient, time-saving solutions designed to help them increase efficiency while achieving goals within the workplace. One of those solutions is GFI software, known for providing countless network, communications, and security products for businesses of all sizes. Purchasing GFI licenses and keeping your GFI license renewals up to date for these software products can help you remain compliant while improving workflow. As a result, you can maintain a desirable level of protection for your network while completing more tasks with less effort involved.

Get Extra Protection Against Viruses, Malware, and Other Serious Attacks

Internet attacks on businesses are currently at an all-time high. Unfortunately, hackers have become far more sophisticated in their quest to access confidential information that doesn’t belong to them, which can quickly lead to data breaches and other issues for organizations. Dealing with viruses and malware can halt production while creating more frustration in the office. However, with options like Kerio Control, it’s possible to have a greater level of protection and defense against attackers while mitigating risks. In addition, the firewall, antivirus, and patch management software enhance security to thwart any potentially damaging attacks from happening in the first place.

Receive Vulnerability Management and Protection to Identify Threats Before They Happen

Too many organizations are unaware of their vulnerabilities, with potential holes in the system that hackers could access while using sophisticated strategies to access private data and information. GFI LanGuard works as an automated patch management software solution to help businesses identify these frustrating vulnerabilities and handle them quickly and efficiently to avoid potential problems in the future.

The top-rated software will allow you to get added protection for your network while seeing how and where threats could get in and begin accessing information that you don’t want them to have. Unfortunately, it’s often possible for attackers to access such data from different aspects of your network system, such as the laptops and computers used for business, routers, printers, and more.

The software runs full scans and addresses the types of threats that typically don’t come to mind for most people, and provides detailed reports to give you time to patch those holes within your daily operations. Without a license for this software, you would miss out on having top-notch security for your organization’s network system, putting everything at risk while team members are in the process of completing different tasks throughout the day.

Make Use of Secure Modern Fax Services That Save You More Time

GFI FaxMaker is another valuable solution that allows users to fax confidential information safely and securely with ease. It saves time and effort while eliminating the need for a traditional fax machine. As modern technology advances and continues providing innovative, time-saving solutions that help save time, it makes sense to use an application like this to handle your faxing needs.

Instead of receiving traditional faxes on paper, you can receive the information you need from a fax that comes to you via smartphone or tablet while allowing you to send out information the same way. As a result, it takes less time and allows for more work to get done in the office. It also means that you can ensure that the right person receives the fax each time you use this solution, but that isn’t always the case with a traditional fax machine.

Having the license for this product allows you to securely send out confidential information via fax without exposing that information to the general public or anyone other than the recipient. You can even use it to complete a simple search while checking the archives to find what you’re looking for whenever you need it, keeping all your information organized in one spot. Most prefer this more modern approach to faxing compared to the outdated system that takes more time and doesn’t always go to the correct recipient.

Stay On Top Of Your GFI licenses and GFI License Renewals – Stay Up To Date

When you’re staying on top of licensing and renewals for necessary software used to assist you in daily operations, it helps you protect your bottom line. Not only does it mean maximizing the level of security for your network to avoid issues with viruses, malware, and other digital attacks and threats, but it also allows you to streamline other processes,

including faxes received and sent out throughout the day. The benefits of holding licenses for these products are tremendous, with opportunities for you to waste less time and effort while completing vital tasks in the workplace, staying compliant, and keeping your network safe and secure in the process.

It is very important to maintain a valid license in order to receive and install product updates as well as patches. iSync makes it simple to renew your GFI license or buy a new GFI product.

See below for the impact of an expired GFI license(s) as some or all features may be limited:

Kerio Connect License Renewals

  • No ActiveSync
  • No anti-virus updates
  • No product updates or patches
  • No support

Kerio Control License Renewals

  • No application awareness
  • No intrusion prevention updates
  • No web filtering
  • No anti-virus updates
  • No product updates or patches
  • No support

 GFI LanGuard License Renewals

  • Stops Working after 10 days grace period as it is a Subscription-based product.

 GFI MailEssentials License Renewals

  • Stops all updates (anti-spam filtering and antivirus engines) and product filtering.
  • 30 days grace period if license count is over or user accessing the product on a trial.

 GFI Archiver License Renewals

  • Stops archiving emails.
  • Search within archive stops working.

 GFI FaxMaker License Renewals

  • Stops sending Faxes/SMS
Purchasing new GFI licenses and keeping your GFI license renewals up to date could not be more simple with
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