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Why Are Businesses Switching to VOIP?

If you’re a business owner or leader, you’ve probably been hearing about VOIP for a number of years. However, the idea of using the internet to make phone calls may still cause hesitation. Is it safe? Is the quality of the conversation good? This is important in understanding why businesses are switching to VOIP. The […]

Online Security Tools for your Business

There is no doubt that cybercrime is increasing rapidly, and many small and mid-sized businesses are extremely susceptible to online threats because of ineffective cybersecurity. With ransomware, phishing attacks and e-fencing on the rise, the importance of online security tools for your business is greater than ever. However, many small and medium-sized business owners are […]

Email Hosting Services: Essential Benefits for Small Businesses

Today, business partners and MSPs understand the relevance of email hosting services. In fact, it has become integral to maintain a positive image in the competitive marketplace. Besides, your potential customers deserve more than just a superficial or ordinary email hosting services. It is a new era where dedicated email hosting service providers ensure ultra-protection […]

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 vs Kerio Connect

Organizations wishing to operate their own mail servers have a number of different mail server platforms that they can choose between. Two of the leading platforms available today are Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 and Kerio Connect. This article examines the similarities and differences between these two platforms. Organization Size Microsoft Exchange Server can theoretically be […]

Cloud based VOIP hosted PBX for small to mid-sized business

We are really excited to announce that we are now offering cloud based VOIP hosted PBX small to mid-sized business; Tel-iSync VOIP service. Why? Because VOIP is a big part of todays small to mid-sized business needs. Tel-iSync is a hosted VOIP phone service that does everything you would want a phone service to do, with […]