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Secure ANY Email Service With Compliant Email Security, Email Archiving, Email Encryption, & Email Continuity Powered by ®ProofPoint

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®Microsoft 365 Email, ®Google Gmail and virtually any other email platform can be compromised.

Business Email Compromise is a real, growing threat to businesses of all sizes that will cost billions of dollars in the years to come. Platform agnostic, iSecure, powered by ®ProofPoint, is an affordable, enterprise class email security suite that meets and exceeds the strictest compliancy regulations.

Email Security and Protection

Email is the number one source of threats that can enter your business. Phishing and email scams arrive via email 96% of the time, and these security threats are constantly evolving. iSecure email security delivers the most effective unified solution to protect your business and critical data from advanced email threats. Our complete extensible email security platform blocks malware and non-malware email threats, such as email scams and fraud, also known as business email compromise. iSecure provides visibility into your greatest risk; your employees. With actionable insights, you can better understand the risk your business faces and respond to email threats faster.

  • Protect against impostor threats and supplier fraud
  • Detect and block advanced malware
  • Identify risky users
  • Automatically Pull malicious emails with one click

Email Continuity

Email downtime can be a significant hit to worker productivity. With iSecure Enterprise Email Continuity, you can ensure your business email is always available, even if your company email is down. Email Continuity provides your end users with full email access—via Outlook integration, a web portal or native mobile support. iSecure automatically activates in an email service outage and provides you with fully automated recovery.

Email Archiving and Compliance

It’s not easy to develop and manage a complete modern email archiving strategy. Overall, email data and end user mailbox growth plagues your business IT staff. Meeting compliance is a challenge. Your business must retain, discover and supervise content across channels. iSecure offers modern compliant email archiving that make it easy for you to manage information risk.

  • Capture, retain, discover and monitor digital email communications to ensure compliance
  • Reduce risk by meeting regulatory, legal and corporate requirements quickly and accurately
  • Easily manage the cost and complexity of staying in compliance in the face of today’s email data growth
  • Get insight into your archived data for greater control and decision-making power

Enterprise Compliant Email Encryption

iSecure Email Encryption helps small and medium-sized businesses automatically encrypt emails. This helps reduce the potentially negative impacts of data loss. Securing emails that contain sensitive data is the law. As you know, losing confidential data or customer information can result in fines, bad press, and loss of customer trust. More than two-thirds of an organization’s intellectual property is exchanged via email among offices, partners, and customers. Your employees may be sending sensitive content unencrypted via email. Without proper compliance and internal email security policies, you may run the risk of leaks and other exposure.

  • Create filters that automatically identify outbound emails that should be encrypted
  • End users can trigger encryption by using a pre-defined tag in the subject line
  • Your internal users, including the original sender and internal recipients, can compose, read and respond to encrypted emails in their inboxes
  • External users can use our web-based interface, in order to read and respond to encrypted emails they receive

Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Detect and protect sensitive and critical business information with iSecure Email Data Loss Prevention. DLP detects sensitive data and confidential information which keeps it from leaking outside your organization through email. It accurately classifies sensitive information, detects data exfiltration transmissions via email, and stops critical data loss.

  • Identify data unique to your organization
  • Deep Analysis and Fingerprinting
  • Automate Regulatory Compliance
  • Get Complete Visibility into Your Data

iSecure Business gives you solid Email Continuity features and protects you from invasive and crippling email threats and attacks.

  • Spam and Virus Protection must include all mailboxes in the domain
  • Compliant Email Archiving must include all mailboxes in the domain
  • Add affordable HIPAA, SOX, GLB, and PCI compliant Email Archiving and Email Encryption by upgrading to the iSecure Professional plan.
  • iSecure Business
  • $2.00 per user/month
    • Email Continuity with Spooling and Emergency Inbox
    • Threat Intelligence
    • Outbound Filtering
    • Imposter Email Protection
    • iSecure Advanced Anti-Spam
    • iSecure Advanced Anti-Virus
    • Domain Management
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iSecure Professional provides the same features included in the business plan, but adds full eDiscovery email archiving and email encryption with HIPAA, SOX, GLB, and PCI compliance.

  • Spam and Virus Protection must include all mailboxes in the domain
  • Compliant Email Archiving must include all mailboxes in the domain
  • Much More …
  • iSecure Professional
  • $6.00 per user/month
    • Email Continuity with Spooling and Emergency Inbox
    • Search and eDiscovery Archiving w/ Legal Hold
    • Email Encryption
    • Zero-Hour Threat Detection
    • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    • Imposter Email protection
    • Threat Intelligence
    • Content & Outbound Filtering
    • URL Defense (Sandboxing)
    • iSecure Advanced Anti-Spam
    • iSecure Advanced Anti-Virus
    • Domain Management
    • Email Logs
    • Reporting
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