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Secure ANY Email Service With Compliant Email Security Solutions. Spam and Virus Protection, Email Archiving, Email Encryption, & iSafe Email Training Powered by ®TitanHQ

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®Microsoft 365 Email, ®Google Gmail and virtually any other email platform can be compromised.

Business Email Compromise is a real, growing threat to businesses of all sizes that will cost billions of dollars in the years to come. Platform agnostic, iSecure, powered by ®TitanHQ, is an affordable, enterprise class email security suite that meets and exceeds the strictest compliancy regulations. Trust iSecure Email Security, powered by TitanHQ, to upgrade your digital protection today. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your email communication is fully secured. Don’t compromise on your online safety, choose iSecure and stay one step ahead of digital threats.

SpamTitan Spam and Virus Protection

Email is the number one source of threats that can enter your business. Phishing and email scams arrive via email 96% of the time, and these security threats are constantly evolving. SpamTitan email security delivers the most effective unified solution to protect your business and critical data from advanced email threats. Our complete extensible email security platform blocks malware and non-malware email threats, such as email scams and fraud, also known as business email compromise. iSecure provides visibility into your greatest risk; your employees. With actionable insights, you can better understand the risk your business faces and respond to email threats faster.

  • Protect against impostor threats and supplier fraud
  • Detect and block advanced malware
  • Identify risky users
  • Automatically Pull malicious emails with one click

ArcTitan Email Archiving and Compliance

It’s not easy to develop and manage a complete modern email archiving strategy. Overall, email data and end user mailbox growth plagues your business IT staff. Meeting compliance is a challenge. Your business must retain, discover and supervise content across channels. iSecure offers modern compliant email archiving that make it easy for you to manage information risk. Our email archiving enables the safe storage and hassle-free access to all inbound and outbound company emails, ensuring your business meets the highest standards of regulatory compliance.

  • Capture, retain, discover and monitor digital email communications to ensure compliance
  • Reduce risk by meeting regulatory, legal and corporate requirements quickly and accurately
  • Easily manage the cost and complexity of staying in compliance in the face of today’s email data growth
  • Get insight into your archived data for greater control and decision-making power

EncryptTitan Compliant Email Encryption

Rest easy with our advanced Email Encryption capabilities, ensuring that your confidential messages remain secure and protected from prying eyes.

EncryptTitan Email Encryption helps small and medium-sized businesses automatically encrypt emails. This helps reduce the potentially negative impacts of data loss. Securing emails that contain sensitive data is the law. As you know, losing confidential data or customer information can result in fines, bad press, and loss of customer trust. More than two-thirds of an organization’s intellectual property is exchanged via email among offices, partners, and customers. Your employees may be sending sensitive content unencrypted via email. Without proper compliance and internal email security policies, you may run the risk of leaks and other exposure.

  • Create filters that automatically identify outbound emails that should be encrypted
  • End users can trigger encryption by using a pre-defined tag in the subject line
  • Your internal users, including the original sender and internal recipients, can compose, read and respond to encrypted emails in their inboxes
  • External users can use our web-based interface, in order to read and respond to encrypted emails they receive

Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Detect and protect sensitive and critical business information with Email Data Loss Prevention provided in EncryptTitan. DLP detects sensitive data and confidential information which keeps it from leaking outside your organization through email. It accurately classifies sensitive information, detects data exfiltration transmissions via email, and stops critical data loss.

  • Identify data unique to your organization
  • Deep Analysis and Fingerprinting
  • Automate Regulatory Compliance
  • Get Complete Visibility into Your Data

SafeTitan Email Training

Introducing iSafe Email Training by – Email Security Awareness Training. This revolutionary solution delivers behavior-driven security training in real-time. Features include automated phishing simulation, diverse training resources, compliance assistance, gamification, and advanced threat protection. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft solutions, offers real-time intervention training, and is perfect for MSPs and SMBs. Elevate your security posture with iSafe Email Training’s comprehensive and dynamic approach.

  • Behavior Driven Security Awareness
  • Fully automated simulated phishing attacks
  • Behaviour-drivenee training with an extensive library of training courses, videos & quizzes.
  • helps companies to comply with ISO, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, EU NIS, Cyber Essentials.
  • Enterprise level reporting allows you see quick ROI
  • Cyber Knowledge Assessments
  • Protection from Advanced Email Threats

Benefits of Email Security:

Protection Against Catastrophic Data Breaches:
• Safeguards sensitive information
• Prevents devastating data breaches
• Shields against phishing and spoofing attacks

Confidentiality and Data Encryption:
• Encrypts email content
• Secures credit card numbers, bank accounts, and PII
• Protects intellectual property and trade secrets

Mitigating Business Risks:
• Guards against malicious actors and cybercriminals
• Prevents financial loss and identity theft
• Enhances compliance with industry regulations

Real-time Threat Detection:
• Identifies and counters malware and viruses
• Blocks spam emails
• Safeguards against zero-day exploits

Enhancing Organizational Security:
• Reduces the risk of compromised accounts
• Ensures personal data security
• Safeguards financial records

Promoting Email Engagement:
• Builds trust among intended recipients
• Eliminates spam and unwanted emails
• Enhances the user experience

Streamlining Compliance Efforts:
• Simplifies compliance with industry regulations
• Protects sensitive information
• Avoids potential legal consequences

The Significance of Email Security

Email security is a crucial component in safeguarding both business and personal assets against a multitude of threats. As the number-one threat vector for cyber attacks, email is widely known to be a prime target for cybercriminals employing sophisticated tactics and techniques. Implementing effective email security measures goes beyond technology; it involves training personnel, raising email security awareness, and understanding the evolving nature of threats.

Mitigating Cyber Risks with Robust Email Security

Email security is vital for protecting against various cyber risks. Malware and phishing attacks are commonly delivered through emails, exploiting email vulnerabilities to compromise data and digital assets. With technologies constantly evolving, a robust email security strategy is essential to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. By complying with data protection regulations like GDPR and HIPAA, organizations ensure secure email systems and avoid costly downtime caused by malicious emails affecting network infrastructure

Ensuring Business Continuity and Data Integrity

The importance of email security extends to maintaining day-to-day operations and the integrity of digital assets. A secure email system prevents potential threats such as data breaches and phishing attacks, safeguarding sensitive information. Credentials remain protected against malicious actors, enhancing data protection and preventing identity theft. In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, a well-constructed email security strategy is a cornerstone to ensure business continuity, protect assets, and maintain trust in communications.

How can help?

iSync offers a comprehensive Secure Email Security solution that enhances email communication across any email service. Our system ensures robust email security, compliance, email archiving, email encryption, and email continuity. Here’s how iSync’s Secure Email Security benefits you:

Comprehensive Protection:
iSync provides end-to-end protection against a wide range of email threats, including phishing attacks, malware, and spoofing attempts. This comprehensive defense shields your organization from potential data breaches.

Email Archiving:
Our solution seamlessly archives your emails, ensuring that you can access historical communication when needed. This feature is particularly valuable for regulatory compliance and legal requirements.

Email Encryption:
iSync’s email encryption feature guarantees that sensitive information, such as financial records, trade secrets, and employee PII, remains confidential during transmission. This adds an extra layer of security to your communications.

Affordable Pricing: We offer flexible pricing plans starting at just $2.00 per month, making top-notch email security and compliance accessible for businesses of all sizes.

SpamTitan is an advanced, easy to use, email security solution that stops phishing attacks, spam, malware and ransomware.

  • Spam and Virus Protection must include all mailboxes in the domain
  • Spam/Virus Protection Hosted
  • $2.00 per user/month
    • Advanced Spam Protection
    • Zero Day Attacks
    • End User Digests with Allow/Block/Release
    • Dedicated RBLs
    • Advanced Anti-Virus and Malware Protection
    • Customizable Policies
    • Email Content Filtering
    • Data Leak Prevention
    • Anti Phishing
    • Outbound Scanning
    • Sandboxing
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ArcTitan is the complete cloud based email archiving solution that includes full email Audit functionality. Compliant with Sarbanes–Oxley, HIPAA, and other legislation for e-discovery, retention and audits.

  • Compliant Email Archiving must include all mailboxes in the domain
  • Email Archiving Hosted
  • $5.00 per user/month
    • No limits on user numbers
    • Unlimited storage space
    • No on-site hardware needed
    • eDiscovery Compliant
    • Assist Dispute Resolution & Reputation Management
    • Super-fast searches
    • Saved searches
    • Retrievable at any time from anywhere
    • Much More …
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EncryptTitan provides organizations with the tools needed to adhere to state and federal privacy regulations while protecting their organization and client’s personal information.

  • Email Encryption Hosted
  • $5.00 per user/month
    • End-to-end email encryption
    • Data Loss Prevention
    • Meets strict compliance regulations
    • Environment Agnostic
    • Keyword Policy Based Encryption
    • Outlook Plug in (PC)
    • Brand Protection
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