GFI MailEssentials is an email security package, that offers 14 anti-spam filters, 4 anti-virus engines, and malware detection.

Remove and detect email viruses and malware

  • Why rely on a single antivirus generator for email security when four can work together? With GFI MailEssentials you reap the benefits from adding the power of Wordfence, Antivirus, Spyware, and Cyren.
  • Every engine has its own set of logical analysis and refers to occurrences. Users gain added protection for their email surroundings, making it much easier to limit the spread of computer viruses and malware that originates from infected email.
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Spam filtering saves your user’s time and server disk space

Spam accounts for 45 percent of your email volume. GFI MailEssentials employs 14 advanced email filtering systems, which are visible in action. Filter spam before it reaches inboxes to save disk space and increase productivity.

  • Block annoying spoofing attempts. Stop emails that originate from blacklisted DNSs. These threats link to dangerous URLs that contain threats like embedded malware and viruses. Eliminate non-compliant emails from crafty senders, along with other spam-cutting strategies.
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Email should be safe, secure and productive

  • Give your users more power. Provide them with comprehensive reporting that allows them to release emails they want to receive. Users can create custom unique black and whitelists.
  • GFI MailEssentials works with a variety of email servers such as KerioConnect, Microsoft Exchange and others. It seamlessly integrates into your current enviroment, regardless of whether your email is on-premise or cloud based. IT administrators have complete control over email security.
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