Most organizations are taking the initiative to use more innovative, technologically advanced applications and solutions to streamline their daily activities. However, if you’re not already using cloud-based email and connectivity solutions to keep in contact with team members while staying up-to-date on tasks you need to complete, you’re missing out. These solutions allow businesses to keep things organized and in line with their daily and weekly goals. The right solutions can make all the difference for your organization.

Have Secure, Easy Access to Your Messages and Data

Not only is it important to have quick and easy access to messages and data, but it’s equally important to keep that private information secure and protected. When storing data on the secure cloud, you can keep everything you need in one spot without worrying about a security lapse and exposure of confidential information stored within the system. Get desirable protection against ransomware while switching to advanced solutions that will help you stay organized while preventing the loss of the valuable information you need to have to complete your daily tasks.

Backup Important Files and Documents Without a VPN

Backing up files was once something that required the use of a complex VPN, but that is no longer a necessity when you’re relying on a cloud-based solution. Now you can backup all important files and documents, keeping copies of them stored away for when you might need them, without needing a VPN or anything else for that matter. In addition, it makes the process of storing information stress-free and straightforward compared to keeping traditional files organized in a filing cabinet.

Enjoy Cross-Platform Features That Make a Difference

When using advanced cloud-based email and connectivity solutions for your business, you have access to cross-platform features that can help you streamline daily operations while remaining in contact with your team members. It becomes more manageable than ever to keep track of incoming and outgoing messages, have conversations via private instant messaging, keep track of essential tasks added to your calendar, and more. It simplifies the steps involved in connecting cloud-based email, contact, calendars, and more using a complete, modern groupware solution that rivals Microsoft 365, Google’s Gmail and workspace, and Zimbra. These features can also help your organization save time and energy while improving multitasking efforts to get much more done.

Conveniently Collaborate with Peers in the Workplace

Collaboration and secure file sharing between team members is of the upmost importance and allows all employees to get on the same page. When you need to collaborate with peers, you can use the best email hosting services to keep in contact, whether you’re sending out direct email messages or private messaging about scheduled tasks and other work-related information. Secure file sharing is so important to not only protect your critical data but to be able to track who has access and  knowing where the data lives. As a result, it takes less time to relay information to others within the workplace. In addition, better collaboration between employees often boosts productivity rates while reducing conflict, stress, and frustration across the board especially if the is no cumbersome VPN to connect to.

Create Tasks, Set Reminders, and So Much More

Never worry about forgetting a task that needs completing, whether it’s today, tomorrow, or a week from now. You can create various tasks and organize them in folders based on what needs to get done and when you need to get those tasks done while adding reminders for team members to view to stay on track. These connectivity solutions will help you assign different tasks to coworkers while keeping everyone well-informed on updates and checking notes within the system for any potential changes or disruptions. Gone are the days of using traditional post-it notes as reminders and adding tasks to old-fashioned organizers when you have access to everything you need at your fingertips using cloud-based systems.

Stay Connected and Protected with Cloud-Based Email and Connectivity Solutions

Cloud-based email and connectivity solutions such as Kerio Connect and SyncBox are becoming increasingly common amongst organizations interested in enhancing their infrastructure while improving organizational efforts and drastically increasing productivity rates. There has never been a better time to jump on the opportunity to use in-house servers with the cloud to enhance connectivity, improve collaborative efforts, and handle various tasks through the cross-platform system. The system includes email, calendar services, private instant messages, tasks, and much more.

If you’re looking forward to the opportunity to benefit from cloud-based email and connectivity solutions that can save you time and effort while keeping you more organized, Kerio Connect is an excellent solution. It provides email hosting services with access to private instant messaging and other convenient services that offer the functionality you desire without incredibly high fees. Add iSecure Pro and you have a robust security suite that offers email encryption, email archiving, data loss prevention, email continuity, and protects you from viruses while keeping you compliant and helping you achieve outstanding business goals.

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