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Kerio Email Hosting Services, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Private Instant Messaging. Kerio email is your complete, modern groupware solution that rivals Microsoft 365, Google’s Gmail, Zimbra and more.

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Kerio Connect cloud email hosting and dedicated Kerio email cloud servers offer secure, business email hosting, calendar & collaboration without the high cost. offers hosted Kerio Connect email services, empowering SMBs with seamless communication. Its all-in-one collaboration tool is designed for modern businesses, providing contacts, calendars, tasks, and private messaging. Cost-effective and easy to manage, ensures efficient operations, rivaling big brand solutions for a global clientele.

As the best business email hosting services and groupware solution available today,’s cloud email hosting solution includes not only Kerio Email but also our Private Dedicated Kerio Connect Cloud Servers. Our Kerio Connect Email cloud meets the needs of small and mid-sized businesses while offering a robust feature lineup that rivals Microsoft 365, Google Gmail, and Microsoft Exchange. Kerio Connect Email Hosting at is not only incredibly stable and fast, you also get the best support in the industry. Make your move to the best email hosting services available. Hosted Kerio Business Class Email.

  • Kerio Connect Mobile

    • Exchange ActiveSync 14.1
    • CalDAV/CardDAV/IMAP client support
    • Kerio Connect Sync app for Android
    • Global address list synchronization
    • Public and shared folders
    • Automatic configuration for iOS
  • Kerio Connect Email

    • Public Folders
    • Multiple domains
    • User groups
    • Email aliases
    • Mailing lists
    • Out of Office replies
    • Public and Shared folders
  • Kerio Connect Calendars

    • Private, Shared and Public calendars
    • Schedule meetings
    • Reserve resources
    • Free/Busy
    • Reminders
    • Delegation
  • Kerio Connect Tasks

    • Create and Assign tasks
    • Set Due dates
    • Set Reminders
    • Status updates and notes
    • Organize using Folders
  • Kerio Connect Contacts

    • Shared and/or Private contacts
    • Global Address List (GAL)
    • Click to Call in Kerio Connect client
    • Private Instant Messaging with colleagues
    • Create new contacts from email messages
    • Create and manage contact groups
    • Sort contacts into folders
  • Kerio Connect Built in Security

    • Password policy with complexity
    • Password guessing protection
    • Secure connectivity (TLS 1.2)
    • DKIM signatures
    • Directory harvest attack protection
    • Sender anti-spoofing protection
    • Remote mobile device wipe
    • Additional iSecure options

Effortless Deployment, Management, and Usage with KerioConnect

  1. 1. Discover unparalleled simplicity with KerioConnect’s user-friendly design.
  2. 2. Installation takes minutes, enabling swift system setup.
  3. 3. Choose on-premises deployment or partner-hosted cloud environments.
  4. 4. Adapt KerioConnect to your preferences with support for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Outlook.
  5. 5. Web-based administration, even manageable from tablets, adds convenience.
  6. 6. Manage, deploy, and utilize KerioConnect effortlessly for a streamlined team

Exploring the Advanced Capabilities of KerioConnect

  1. 1. Ensure security with SSL encryption, S/MIME, anti-spam, and anti-virus tools.
  2. 2. Protect against hacking and malicious attacks for clean communication.
  3. 3. Automated backup and granular restore options enable swift recovery.
  4. 4. Server-wide archiving ensures compliance with legal requirements.

Embrace Innovation with New GenAI CoPilot

  1. 1. GFI KerioConnect CoPilot leverages AI to enhance inbox experience.
  2. 2. Understands context, suggests improvements, summarizes threads, translates emails.
  3. 3. Cloud-based service integrated into webmail interface, ensuring user consent.

Integrate Security Seamlessly into Your Business Email

  1. 1. Prioritize security with SSL encryption, S/MIME, anti-spam, and anti-virus tools.
  2. 2. Swift data recovery with automated backup and granular restore options.
  3. 3. Server-wide archiving aids compliance with legal requirements.
  4. 4. KerioConnect supports various platforms, integrating with Outlook and email clients.
  5. 5. Easy deployment and management enhance productivity.
  6. 6. From secure archiving to automated summaries, KerioConnect empowers email with innovation and security. #

Elevate Your Communication with Secure Email Solutions

  1. 1. Opt for a value-priced package with feature-rich email and collaboration tools.
  2. 2. Multi-engine anti-virus and anti-spam filters provide comprehensive protection.
  3. 3. Secure archiving facilitates compliance and maintains access to communication history.

Email, Calendar, IM, and More – All at an Affordable Price

  1. 1. Unveil the potential of KerioConnect’s robust capabilities: email, calendar, and instant messaging.
  2. 2. Tailored for cost-effective solutions, this comprehensive platform offers integrated functionalities.
  3. 3. Enjoy shared calendars, contacts management, tasks, notes, and public folders.
  4. 4. Complexity and high costs associated with other systems are eliminated.
  5. 5. Experience seamless collaboration and messaging at a fraction of the price.

At we offer only the best email service for businesses powered by Kerio Connect Cloud Email and Groupware. If you have questions, please contact or call us at +1 (919) 719-6640.

  • Each mailbox adds another 25GB of aggregated storage to the domain
  • Email Security can be upgraded to iSecure Anytime
  • Additional Kerio email storage can be added at $0.15/GB
  • White-Glove Migration Service Available
  • 25GB Shared Kerio Email Hosted
  • $5.75 per user/month
    • Aggregated Domain Storage at 25GB per Mailbox
    • Includes Spam and Virus Protection
    • Enhanced Webmail and Kerio Client
    • Secure Kerio Connect Email Login
    • Share Calendars, Contacts, Folders
    • Sync all Smart Devices
    • Private Instant Messaging
    • Secure Offsite Backup
    • Supports Mac, PC & Linux
    • Supports calDAV/cardDAV
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Sometimes you need the privacy, power and resources of your own dedicated Kerio Connect email cloud server. Privacy, compliance, performance, multiple domains and the ability to customize your servers policies all play a role in choosing the best kerio email hosting service for your business. If you require any of these features, then our dedicated Kerio Connect cloud server is just right for you and your business.

  • Email Security can be upgraded to iSecure Anytime
  • White-Glove Migration Service Available

  • Dedicated Kerio┬« Connect Cloud Server Price Calculator
  • Kerio Connect Mailbox Licenses (add $3/Mailbox)
  • 2.4GHZ CPU Cores (add $10/core/mo over 2 CPU Cores)
  • GB RAM (add $15/gb/mo over 4GB RAM)
  • GB High Speed RAID Storage (add $20/100gb/mo over 150GB)
  • GB backup ($0.007/gb/mo)
  • Price $169/mo
    Price per Mailbox/month
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