GFI FaxMaker is the best fax server for businesses, making sending and receiving faxes more productive, simple, and cost-effective.

The challenges associated with manual faxing are eliminated since GFI FaxMaker allows users to transfer and send faxes straight from their email client, eliminating the need for printouts and physically walking to the fax machine. There are multiple advantages of GFI FaxMaker, it reduced hours consumed sending, accumulating, and delivering faxes, enhanced profitability, and each fax acquired or sent is kept in electronic medium as an email.

GFI FaxMaker is Simple to use

  • Faxes can be sent and received via a pc, tablet, or cellphone.
  • Send faxes via email (e.g., Microsoft Exchange or Gmail) via a web browser.
  • Use APIs and print-to-fax to send faxes straight from applications.
  • Use automatic inward routing via email to verify that faxes are delivered to the correct recipients.
  • Reduce funds and efforts over using a GFI FaxMaker.
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Superior Transmission security

  • Eliminates the potential of private faxes being misdialed, misplaced, or read by unauthorized parties.
  • Fax protocols are used, which are safer than email.
  • File and data encryption are among the security measures offered.
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Search and archiving

  • Fax photos are converted to text for faster access and retrieval.
  • Allows you to back up and keep a record of all fax interactions.
  • Assists you in improving your document and meeting compliance standards.
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Flexible deployment and administration

  • Choose the best connectivity choice for your needs, from telephone to network virtualization to cloud services.
  • Set route rules, add fax connections and services, and scale as necessary.
  • Reports can be generated depending on individuals, organizations, fax numbers, fax status, and other criteria.
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