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Users Manage Their Own Quarantines in Security Gateway for Email

As anyone working in IT knows, there’s a LOT of spam emails hitting your server. 14.5 billion spam emails, to be exact. That’s how many dangerous messages are sent globally each day, and the US is at the very top of the list for countries most affected by said emails*. Combatting spam messages, in addition […]

How to Track Messages in Hosted MDaemon Email Security Gateway

So you have your fancy new email security solution all set up. You’re fighting off viruses and phishing attempts like a pro, protecting your end users. That’s a big check off your list – on to other IT problems, right? Maybe not. When shopping for email security solutions, you have to think about how easy […]

Welcome to – Private MDaemon Servers for MSPs, VARS, and ISPs

Partner with – We Offer Dedicated Private MDaemon Servers for MSPs, VARS, and ISPs is proud to welcome you to our new site. is a MDaemon hosting solutions provider geard solely for resellers and partners. Total cost of ownership, Level of continuous infrastructure availability, scalability, redundancy and security make MDaemon secure email […]