GFI Archiver optimizes email server space while making file retrieval easy.

GFI Archiver makes securing, storing, and retrieving electronic correspondence simple. The service allows you to save and manage all of your email, schedule, and document history in one location, with quick access when you need it. Comply with regulations, save dedicated server, improve email performance, and save money, among other things. GFI Archiver efficiently stores all work email and data in a centralized, encrypted network location and searched instantly. Businesses enjoy piece of mind knowing that their critical company data is housed in a secure and easily accessible location. GFI Archiver works by collecting critical data from your archive, you can also uncover and resolve significant business concerns such as security vulnerabilities, legal hazards, and productivity issues.

GFI Archiver provides protected, compliant centralized storage, and legal hold for adherence and auditing

  • Control the record of your electronic conversations, including emails, documents, files, scheduled tasks, and faxes.
  • Retain authentic emails and data in a secure location. Helps with e-discovery, regulatory, and independent investigations.
  • GFI archiver use messaging auditing to ensure that preserved emails and files are authentic.
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Look through your electronic history and retrieve it.

  • GFI Archiver use PC or mobile to quickly locate email history and files.
  • Before being saved, messages, documents, and documents are automatically indexed, allowing for speedier search and retrieval.
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Boost email efficiency while lowering costs

  • To reduce server space and enhance efficiency, archive digital communications separately from program.
  • Instead of several duplicates of the same email, single-instance storage (SIS) is used to maintain one copy of a multi-recipient email.
  • Email attachments are compressed (and decompressed) to make the best use of your storage space.
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