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GFI MailEssentials is one of these solutions; it protects on-premises mail servers against spam and other email threats and serves as an anti-spam solution. We will take a further look at this, later on in this article.

GFI Helpdesk by GFI Software

GFI HelpDesk is software that allows users to host their service desk and integrates and consolidates support capabilities.

GFI HelpDesk offers the capability to consolidate all of the interactions that a customer has with your company. You may collect events from your own product, software, or service and observe them all in real-time, as well as log page views, orders, shipping history, and help desk queries.

In a commercial setting, what exactly is a “support function”?

The enterprise will engage in auxiliary (supporting) activities as part of its support business functions in order to make it possible or easier for it to carry out its production activity, which is one of its core business functions. The outputs (results) of support business functions are not directly aimed toward the market or at other parties in and of themselves.

 GFI MailEssentials by GFI Software

GFI MailEssentials by GFI Software is an anti-spam solution hosted in the cloud and designed to assist small to large businesses in managing spam emails and preventing potential malware risks. It comes with an admin console that enables users to synchronize crucial data such as attachments or keywords and retain logs of mail flow in a centralized database.

This is made possible because these may be managed through the admin console. With GFI MailEssentials, businesses can create security settings to prevent inbound emails from being delivered if they contain specific keywords, social security numbers, or file extensions. Users are provided with an administrative dashboard that allows them to monitor recent updates, logs, or email statistics.

Users may also generate reports on email interactions that occur within the organization.

GFI MailEssentials by GFI Software comes pre-installed with powerful antivirus engines from both Avira and BitDefender. This advanced technology stack offers robust protection for email communications against viruses and other forms of malware while having little effect on the system’s overall performance.

Different providers of antivirus engines have varying response times to newly discovered viruses and malware. Because of this capacity, your system will always be able to detect new threats in the shortest amount of time.

Protection Against Email Exploits

The GFI MailEssentials by GFI Software Trojan and executable scanner can identify previously unknown harmful executables by evaluating the activities that they carry out.

A computer program is known as a Trojan if it provides the user with certain capabilities that the user may find helpful while at the same time carrying out other destructive acts behind the scenes. For instance, allowing an attacker complete access to the data they have access to. The scanner has its own built-in intelligence, which it utilizes to determine the severity of the threat by disassembling the executable, determining what it can do, and comparing those findings to a database containing examples of harmful behaviors.

The scanner will then place in quarantine any executables that engage in potentially malicious behavior, such as accessing the address book or establishing connections to a network.

GFI FaxMaker by GFI Software

The GFI FaxMaker by GFI Software is an industry-leading fax server that enables digital faxing without using conventional hardware. Through a web interface, email, or an integrated application, users can send and receive faxes electronically from any location or device.


  • Make certain that faxes are sent to the appropriate recipients by automatic inbound email routing.
  • You will save time and resources by using this method instead of manually delivering information using a fax machine.
  • Ensure a Secure communication
  • It lessens the likelihood that confidential faxes will be sent to the wrong number, lost, or viewed by someone who is not authorized to do so.
  • Utilizes the protocols of faxing, which are more secure than email protocols.
  • Offers a range of security options, including Active Directory and encrypted data storage.

GFI LanGuard by GFI Software

You will be able to monitor and maintain end-point protection across your network with the assistance of GFI LanGuard by GFI Software

It gives you visibility into all of the components that make up your network, assists you in determining where there may be possible vulnerabilities, and gives you the ability to patch such flaws. The solution for network audits and patch management is straightforward and simple to implement.

Patch security holes in advance of an assault.

Management of patches is an essential component of your company. The absence of necessary network patches is the most common root cause of breaches in network security.

With the help of the GFI LanGuard network scanning tools, you can scan and detect network vulnerabilities before they are made public, which cuts down on the amount of time needed to patch machines on your network.

GFI LanGuard patches Microsoft®, Mac®, OS X®, and Linux®, in addition to more than 60 third-party software, and it provides patches for both security and non-security issues.

GFI Archiver by GFI Software

Your electronic interactions may be easily protected, archived, and retrieved thanks to GFI Archiver‘s user-friendly interface.

GFI Archiver by GFI Software enables you to archive and manage your email, calendar, and file history in one location, making it easy to access this information whenever required. Maintain compliance with regulations, free up space on the server, boost the performance of email, and cut costs, among other benefits.

Free up space on the email server and make it simple to retrieve files.

Users are given the ability to archive files, such as photographs and documents, with the help of the File Archive Assistant.

This can be accomplished manually from any location on their PC or automatically by placing the files they need to archive in a synchronized folder with GFI Archiver. Both methods are available to them.

Buying licenses through’s user-friendly interface couldn’t be simpler.

Everyone on our team has prior experience working for GFI. Because of the personal ties we’ve developed and the depth of our industry expertise at GFI, we can deliver the product you require at the most competitive price.

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