GFI HelpDesk manages support tickets, knowledge base, and chat all in one integrated support solution

Support your customers with ease

Successful companies develop shared mailboxes for customer care, such as GFI HelpDesk is identity service desk software that integrates and incorporates support functions. GFI HelpDesk assists you in establishing a cutting-edge consumer’s support network. There are techniques and process flows available to assist support agents optimize follow-ups and alerts.

  • Customers can simply log reserved seats via email, chat, or other apps track them to ensure they are addressed.
  • Employees can view, create, assign, and ground support tickets. People within your organization can work together to solve problems by using helpdesk notes.
  • Team members can set permissions for canned responses or forwarding predicated on ticket assets, ticket material, customer group, and other factors.
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View and track your customer’s support issues at a glance

  • GFI HelpDesk can collect and store all of your customer’s interactions with your company. You can monitor page clicks, order tracking, transporting history, and technical support searches in real time, as well as occurrences from your own item, app, or service.
  • Team members can learn a lot much more about clients they assist. This improves the customer’s customer service while also making life easier for your team.
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GFI Helpdesk is not just your typical helpdesk

  • Quality Assurance data taken and personalized report features are included with GFI HelpDesk to provide insights on your clients, goods & services, and support feedback.
  • Multilingual—Support your customers in a variety of languages.
  • GFI HelpDesk allows you to build your own knowledge base and library to assist your customers in answering their own queries with factual information, how- to’s, and guidelines.
  • SLAs—Create SLAs for reaction or processing times in order to monitor tickets and clients who require the most consideration.
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