With GFI FaxMaker Online there is no installation is required for cloud-based faxing.

GFI FaxMaker Online is indeed a cloud-based faxing service that offers simple and highly secure faxing. Clients can send and receive faxes via email from any place and on any machine. GFI FaxMaker Online is safe, flexible, and inexpensive. It eliminates the need for machines, landlines, cable modem, and fax boards, and also ink cartridges.

Inexpensive, online faxing

  • There is no need to install any hardware or software. You only need a stable Internet connection.
  • GFI FaxMaker Online removes company’s reliance on machines, telephone line, routers, and fax boards.
  • When particularly in comparison to individually sending and receiving faxes, it saves a lot of time.
  • Can support users in bulk
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Secure fax transmission

  • Eliminates the potential of private faxes being misdialed, lost, or read by unauthorized parties.
  • Faxing policies and procedures are used, which are more safe than email.
  • Incorporates with your stable communications infrastructure to provide fax services at residence or on the road to on-site users and telecommuters.
  • Encryption process and Transport Layer Security are among the security features provided (TLS).
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APIs and reporting

  • APIs can be used to incorporate automated faxing into third-party applications. Improves the safety and confidentiality of information shared with customers and partners.
  • A fundamental dashboard exhibits a high brief overview of fax usage and allows you to drill down to specific users and fax numbers.
  • Create reports depending on the user, agencies, fax numbers, fax status, and other criteria.
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