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The best cloud solutions for today’s small to mid-sized business

Our comprehensive cloud solutions provide you secure and redundant access to your company’s email, VoIP, all of your company’s essential data & files, and backup without the need of a complex VPN. Your in house servers can now be provisioned securly in the cloud with our server enablement solution and of-course, we protect you against ransomware. We provide the tools you need in today’s modern workplace, all with the convenience of a single point for billing and personal support.

Kerio® Connect - Hosted Business Class Email and Groupware Kerio Connect Cloud – is your total cross platform business class email, calendaring, contact, task and private instant messaging cloud solution. designed specifically for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

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  • Business Class Email

    Kerio Connect delivers all the features and functionality for collaboration and messaging solution without the complexity and high price tag of other systems.

  • Calendar and Contacts

    Create, share and manage Calendars and Contacts. Instantly sync across all of your devices. Kerio Connect supports ActiveSync, CalDAV and CardDAV.

  • Tasks

    Creating tasks in Kerio Connect is just the beginning. Use folders to organize. Assign tasks to coworkers, set reminders, follow status updates and notes.

  • Private Instant Messaging

    Kerio Connect Client via a web browser or the desktop client allows users to see the presence of colleagues, chat in real-time, and organize meetings.

iSecure - Email Security for Any Email Service

We take your email security very serious. Protect your email from prying eyes and threats that may be lurking in the wild. We keep the bad guys out of your business.

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  • Spam and Antivirus

    iSecure secures email from threats such as malware, spam, phishing and inappropriate content through an easy-to-use cloud-based solution.

  • Email Continuity

    Always-on email continuity lets you continue to send and receive email when mail servers are unavailable and your business keeps running.

  • Compliant Email Archiving

    Fast accurate search results, with review and legal-hold. Collect, preserve, discover and manage your business email.

  • Email Encryption

    Fully compliant, transparent email encryption mitigates the risks associated with data loss, and corporate policy violations.

Tel-iSync - Hosted PBX and VOIP with Mobile Office

Tel-iSync is a cloud-based VoIP telephony system that replaces your traditional PBX. Designed specifically for small to midsized businesses. Save money and administration time without compromise.

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  • Automated Attendant

    Automatically greet callers and route them anywhere. Easily customizable through your Tel-iSync web portal.

  • Voicemail to Email

    Have voicemails delivered right to your email, complete with caller id, .wav file, and a full text transcription of the voicemail.

  • Conference Bridges

    Tel-iSync VoIP conference calling allows employees to keep in touch and up to date even when they’re not sitting next to each other.

  • Web and Video Collaboration

    Remote employees appreciate simple video conferencing, desktop sharing and messaging across any device.

SyncBox - File Sync and File Sharing with Ransomware Protection

File Sync & Share is critical for employee productivity, but without backup – data is always at risk. Make sure your business can collaborate securely and endpoints are always protected from ransomware.

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  • File Sync & Share

    Securely access files or share links from your desktop or mobile device without VPNs, preview and edit files, and ensure HIPAA and SOC-II compliance

  • Ransomware Protection

    SyncBox Snapshot for point-in-time restore in the case of ransomware or accidental deletion

  • Endpoint Backup

    Always-on backup for all your PC and Mac endpoints with unlimited storage and retention

  • File Server Enablement

    Cloud file server access for distributed workforces, and employees can keep their network share drives

What our customers say…

  • We tried Office365, now called Microsoft 365, after using Kerio Connect for years. We needed to move away from an on-premise Mail Server solution and to a hosted service, which is where Office365 came in. After months of struggling with the lack features and the Windows-centric support, we found – who gave us all that we needed and wanted from a hosted mail solution. Their “Kerio in the Cloud” solution is rock solid, fast and just works. We have encouraged our clients to move their on-premise Kerio Connect servers to and will continue to suggest as a viable alternative to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365’s Mail solutions.

  • For providers of email or other cloud-based services, I base my rating on how infrequently I have to think about those companies. The best compliment I can give is that I simply don’t need to think about them. Email is sent, email arrives and we’ve yet to experience any down time. Plus, when we migrated from our old provider, I’ve never experienced a smoother transition. In short, passes my “don’t have to think about ‘em” test with flying colors. The service works consistently, they’re cost-effective and they’re a model of superb customer service.

  • I have been hosting my own Kerio Connect Server as a MSP since 2006. Lately, it’s been harder and harder to justify the time and expense to manage your own hardware. When I learned was the original hosted Kerio provider and they were offering to migrate my own Kerio hosting to them, the decision was an easy one to make. They have always had an excellent reputation in the Kerio market and I was pleasantly surprised how affordable it was to migrate to them (instead of trying to manage these things myself). Now I have a stable hosting platform to depend on. In regards to their help and technical support? Nothing but high praises and many thanks for being available. The migration went smooth and I have no complaints and sleep much better at night knowing my clients mail hosting is rock solid.

  • Great Support. One day we came to the office and found that the contacts in our address book where duplicated. With the support and help of, they where able to eliminate those duplicates quickly and seamlessly. We can’t emphasize how important it is to have a company like iSync that actually answers the phone and has the technical knowledge to take care of our issues. Very powerful.

  • Thank you for handling our emails, it is truly set it and forget it! Jonathan is available to answer questions and we appreciate the personal service.

  • Once we found out that the original founders of hosted Kerio Connect were back, we immediately notified our clients of the great news. Granted, it would not be hard to improve on the service of the company that purchased GetSync’d, but came through with flying colors and lived up to the great reputation GetSync’d had, when the original owners were running it.

    The first client to switch over had a great experience, great communication during the migration process and a seamless transition was done. looking forward to helping all our other hosted clients migrate over to! Most people will never see the new interface, but it was a big improvement as well.

    The transfer was a great experience and we highly recommend for your hosted email needs.

  • made it a seamless transition. What really impresses me is their superb customer service

  • made it very easy and stress free to switch over our email. What more could you ask for!

  • Congratulations… this is the most amazing cloud based service I have ever encountered. We have never attempted a migration that went so flawlessly. I’m astonished. The back end system is perfection and insanely powerful.

    Richard Covington

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