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Business Email Security in Everyday Operations

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If you own a business, you should fully understand the importance of security, especially regarding client and employee information, both personal and financial. When a company lacks focus on keeping communication methods secure, they risk losing more than clients; the entire brand reputation is at risk.

Prioritizing Business Email Security

Without prioritizing your business email security, you’re putting way too much on the line. Most businesses utilize email to communicate with both clients and within the office. That’s far too much vital information at stake.

Working alongside employees and providing them with the knowledge they need to proceed with caution concerning the outside emails they send and receive will give your security measures an internal boost. However, there are other steps you can take to improve the security regarding your email communications significantly.

Passwords are Key

Both literally and figuratively, passwords hold the key to business email security measures. There is a reason that so many companies ask you to use upper case letters, numbers, and special characters when signing up for an account with them. Weak passwords are easy to crack.

The more complex the password, the harder it is for hackers and data thieves to steal your coveted information. These days, there are plenty of software options available that assist hackers in accumulating password information.

If you and your employees keep passwords challenging and change them often, you’ll protect yourself against such software. Here’s an excellent tip for a strong password: Think it phrases instead of words.

Malicious Email Awareness

Your employees, especially your IT team, should be able to spot a phishing email. Have a company-wide meeting, and go over how they might look in an inbox.

In very basic terms, phishing emails look like they’re from a trusted account, such as your bank or insurance company. They typically contain a link, and when you click that link, it takes you to a website that looks exactly like the one you’d expect to find, except it’s fake.

From there, most people enter their log-in information, as usual, to make sure that affairs are in order, and just like that, hackers are in possession of sensitive knowledge. Consider hiring a professional to come in and talk to your staff about phishing emails and how to recognize them.

Access After Authenticity

All company email address log-ins should have a two-tier authenticity requirement. Most email services give clients an option to add another security level upon sign in, such as a fingerprint or a four-digit access code.

It’s a super simple theory, yet it can protect even the largest corporations from a security breach. Nowadays, this type of shield is more than necessary.

Business Security During a Time of Adversity

There is no reason to further potential setbacks with inadequate business email security with so much already on the line due to economic instability. Now, more than ever, your business requires protection on every level.

Hacking attempts are seemingly endless, so take steps to ensure your email communications are inaccessible. You won’t regret it.

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