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Why Kerio Connect Might Be The Best Hosted Email Service

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Why Kerio Connect Might Be The Best Hosted Email Service

How will you choose which of the several email hosting services that are currently available on the market is ideal for your company, given the variety of options? Some email hosting services only provide the most fundamental functionality, but others also include tools like shared calendars and contacts for your business. In this article, we will describe all of the essential characteristics that a third-party email hosting service that your company utilizes should offer your business to meet its needs. It may surprise you that Kerio Connect by may just be the best hosted email service today.

1. Safekeeping

When searching for an email hosting provider, you should focus on finding one that provides a safe and secure environment. Suppose the email hosting service you use provides security. In that case, the contents and data of your emails will be safeguarded and safe from any potential assaults that might be launched against them. The service that you go with ought to provide you with access to some more complex capabilities, such as those that filter out spam and malware and protect data loss in various ways.

Check to see if the hosting provider adheres to particular regulations and possesses certificates that will add to the protection you have available. Suppose you go with a host that complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act  or the Federal Information Security Management Act . In that case, it indicates that their service is acceptable for use in the health and government industries.

This category also includes backups of important data. If the email hosting service you use performs regular backups, it will be much simpler to retrieve your data if an unexpected assault occurs. This function may be accessed through hosting services that come equipped with servers located all over the world and a group of knowledgeable individuals who are responsible for handling this matter. Consequently, you should ensure that the email hosting service you use provides you with this alternative.

2. The importance of simplicity and support

You should be able to exercise full command over all aspects of your email client if you use a reputable hosting service for your emails. In addition to this, it should be intuitive to use and provide assistance whenever it is required of you. Consequently, before selecting an email host, check to see whether or not it offers round-the-clock help that can be accessed through live chat, phone, or email. No matter how large or how small your company is, it is imperative that you have support of this kind. You should go for it if you have selected a host that provides you with a user-friendly email service and complete assistance once you have done so. Fortunately, Kerio Connect is amazingly stable and typically does not require a ton of hand holding.

3. An adaptable nature

The email hosting provider that you use should also provide you with flexibility, interoperability with all devices, and the ability to sync with web and mobile applications. Access to your email, tasks, lists, shared contacts, and calendars is a benefit that you shouldn’t overlook, regardless of the size of your company. However, given that some smaller companies won’t use all of the capabilities that the hosting email service provides, those companies should be given the option to pick and choose which features they want to use and which ones aren’t important for the operation of their company. Because not every email host will provide you with the flexibility you require, it is important that you pay close attention to all the features provided and go over each one in greater depth. Keira Connect offers all of these features and more.

4. Storage

Emails are typically used not only for communicating with one another but also for storing information and working together on projects. You should go with email hosting providers that provide a substantial amount of capacity for data storage. The recommended minimum amount of storage space for each user is 2 gigabytes. Therefore, rather than having an inbox overflowing with mail, you can use the archiving capabilities offered by certain service providers. By doing things in this manner, your inbox will only have the most recent chats, while the archive box will be used to store the more significant messages.

Look for a host choice where you may have all the data in one location and an option to move the old mail into the archive automatically. The archived emails should be backed up frequently by your provider in order to be safe and not lose any data.

Kerio Connect has email security embedded right in

You are covered with risks and malicious assaults with SSL encryption, S/MIME, and unsolicited email. It is much simpler to recover from any catastrophe by having automated backups and straightforward protocols for restoring lost data. When it comes to email retention regulations, email archiving not only helps businesses comply with legal requirements but also helps prevent the loss of essential data.

Simplified installation, administration, and user interface

The installation of Kerio Connect can be completed in only ten minutes. After a total of twenty minutes, users can be fully operational with the system. Kerio Connect can be installed locally or hosted on a private dedicated server provided by IT administrators now have the option to remotely administer Kerio Connect from any device, thanks to web administration. Complete support for Microsoft Outlook (both Windows and Mac versions) in addition to a large number of other email clients that are IMAP or POP compliant.

Full-featured and business-grade Kerio Connect email service

  • Communication on the team that is more streamlined
  • Instant messaging that is integrated
  • Robust mobile device support
  • Seamless Support for “Bring Your Own Device,” abbreviated as “BYOD.”
  • Options available across a variety of platforms, including email clients

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