Why You Need To Use Kerio Connect Email and Groupware

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A GFI Software Kerio Connect email and groupware solution is highly recommended due to its impressive power and the relatively low cost. You will benefit from shared contact and task management with Kerio Connect, in addition to a shared calendar for the appointments your team needs to make. In addition, Kerio Connect is not platform or client specific, enabling you to use Kerio on various operating systems, including Microsoft, Linux, and macOS. With Kerio Connect, you won’t have to sacrifice any of the benefits of having your own internal mail server.

Kerio Connect

Internal, Managed Centrally and Protected

You may take advantage of all the benefits of centralized mail management on your own network when using a mail server from Kerio. All emails are screened for viruses and spam, and attachments are filtered using Kerio’s integrated protection. In addition, the internal mail server ensures the entire archiving of all digital correspondence in a way that is audit-proof and cannot be altered, which enables it to conform to international standards. Emails that have been deleted inadvertently can now be retrieved from the trash if and when it becomes necessary to do so. Since work emails are not allowed to leave the premises, there is significantly less chance that sensitive information will be stolen.

Perform Your Duties Independently of Both Location and Equipment

Employees are able to exercise even greater flexibility and independence when they have access to their own mail server. Since emails may be viewed and modified from any device, it is simple to perform work at home or while traveling. It makes no difference whether you use a desktop computer, notebook computer, or smartphone; access to your internal mail server is provided regardless of the time of day or location.

Simple integration of privately owned devices

It is becoming normal practice for employees, particularly those working for smaller and medium-sized businesses, to use their mobile devices for work purposes. In most cases, integrating these devices is a rather difficult process. The configuration process is simplified with the help of Kerio Connect’s BOYD (Bring Your Device) feature, and it does not even require support from an IT department. Plenty of Headroom for Development

The greatest way to ensure your company will continue to develop in the years to come is to ensure that your network structure is flexible. This will enable your business to respond to changes more proactively and promptly. At any point in time, Kerio Connect email and groupware can accommodate growth. It is possible to grow into it at any time, and it is advised for businesses with ten or more employees already. Because of this functionality, Kerio Connect is the ideal choice for businesses with a premium on expansion. Large businesses almost always go straight for the Kerio Connect email and groupware multi-server solution. Please don’t hesitate to contact us; we are pleased to answer any questions you may have and will work hard to ensure you have a server solution that is ideally suited to your requirements.

Full-featured and business-grade Kerio Connect email service

Kerio Connect email and groupware offers complete support for Microsoft Outlook (both Windows and Mac versions), programs native to the Mac operating system, and any other email client that complies with IMAP or POP standards. Integrated within the email are shared calendars and scheduling, administration of contacts, tasks, and notes; shared and public folders; instant messaging; and shared and public folders.

You have the ability to synchronize with direct push to the mobile devices of your choosing.

Communication on the team that is more streamlined

Kerio Connect gives users the ability to divide their contacts into any number of groups and then share those groups with their colleagues. You also have the ability to create tasks and notes, organize those items into groups, delegate tasks to coworkers, and share notes with them.

  • Organize gatherings, determine whether or not attendees can make it, and book conference rooms.
  • Make recurring events, and email reminders of your meetings will be sent to your inbox.
  • Use time-saving tools such as full-text search, address auto-complete, a rapid preview of attachments, and draught auto-save to reduce your workload.

Instant messaging that is integrated

Chat is a feature included in Kerio Connect that enables users to communicate instantly with one another. When you need a brief back-and-forth discussion with one or more of your coworkers, you may use chat to check on their online status and talk with them in real-time.

Robust mobile device support

Kerio Connect is compatible with a wide range of devices, such as tablets, iPhones, and Android phones. You are free to select the method of synchronization that provides the optimal experience for your users, so ensuring that the data located on your computer will always be in sync with the information shown on your mobile device. After looking through the public and shared folders, you will have the opportunity to select the ones that you want to have synchronized with your mobile device. Get instant access to shared folders without having to sift through other files that aren’t pertinent to your needs.

Admin-friendly Kerio Connect email server and user management

Maintain command over all of your deployments by making use of a single and centralized online interface that goes by the name of MyKerio. MyKerio is a cloud-based system that is accessible at any time of the day or night and that can monitor your installations in a remote location. Because of this, you will have the opportunity to investigate significant events that take place in your network, licensing, or system as soon as they occur.

Checking to see if the version your server is running is the most recent may be done quickly and easily thanks to upgrades that simply require one click. User management is a breeze thanks to the straightforward licensing method that is used.

In addition, we are able to facilitate both the original purchase of a license and the renewal of an existing license for the Kerio Connect product.

We are able to offer not only shared server Kerio Connect email and groupware environments but, dedicated Kerio Connect Servers that are hosted in our safe data center to businesses that have a necessity for them.

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