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Kerio Connect Email and Groupware Benefits Small Business

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What is Kerio connect email?

It’s quite simple actually… Kerio Connect is a Microsoft Exchange alternative that provides an enterprise level groupware product at an affordable small to mid-sized business price.

More than 30,000 businesses in more than 100 countries use Kerio Connect email and groupware solutions, A mail server, and an all-in-one communication platform. GFI Software develops Kerio Connect. It is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, and may be installed on any of these.

Kerio Connect email and groupware is an ideal solution for small to medium organizations with limited IT employees and smaller budgets than larger corporations. It is simple to administer, straightforward to deploy, and often less expensive than solutions offered by “big name” companies.

Kerio Connect email hosting for small business provides all of the features and capabilities required for a messaging and collaboration solution, but it does so without the complexity and high cost associated with competing products.

Our Kerio Connect cloud caters to the requirements of both small and medium-sized enterprises, and it provides a comprehensive feature set that is competitive with that of Microsoft 365, Google Gmail, and Microsoft Exchange.

Email hosting for small business

When it comes to running a successful company, having communications that are both quick and easy has always been one of the most important factors. Email is still one of the most frequently chosen methods of communication.

However, technological advances have made it possible for us to communicate in an increasing number of other ways. An email can be sent to many recipients anytime, anywhere in a couple of minutes. It can be used for a variety of business-related purposes, such as disseminating a business proposal or newsletter or informing a team of employees about a new corporate policy.

However, online messages frequently contain sensitive personal or corporate information; as a result, we have a need to safeguard the security of everything that we transmit and receive through the internet.

The requirement for a quick and secure connection has motivated thousands of service providers to include email hosting as one of the features of their offerings.

Only the highest-quality business email hosting services are provided here at These services are powered by Kerio Connect Cloud Email and Groupware.

How Does Email Hosting Work?

Not only do you receive a server on which to store your emails when you sign up for email hosting, but you also gain access to other solutions that make it easier to expand your company.

These solutions contain features that allow safe authentication, re-routing and replicating your emails, managing user domain names, and more. Other capabilities are also available.

It Helps To Raise The Level Of Protection Of Your Inbox

Because of the dramatic rise in the number of data breaches over the past few years, it should be no surprise that ensuring data security is one of the deepest concerns for any company.

Email hosting for small business typically includes encryption, an essential safety element to look for. It protects unauthorized individuals from reading the business emails you send and receive by ensuring they cannot be intercepted. Because it is likely that you will, at some point, share sensitive information over email, either internally with your staff or externally with your clients, this feature is the one that will assure the security of such information.

After you have taken care of this matter, the next thing you will probably want to do is install comprehensive spam and malware filters. These filters will not only safeguard your communications but also assure you that it is safe to open any safeguarded messages.

What Characteristics Make for the Most Effective Email Hosting for Small Business?

To ensure that your small business has access to the most effective email communication possible, you should check that the service you select possesses at least the following fundamental components.

Multiple MX Servers

It is essential to have multiple MX servers set up as a failsafe option. If your primary server becomes unavailable, a backup server will be ready to take over and process any email messages sent to your inbox. Your company’s requirements will be met with guaranteed availability around the clock and a connection that is not disrupted.

Backup Your Email

One of the most important aspects to consider when selecting a new host is whether or not they offer a convenient backup option. If you lose access to important communication and the service provider is required to restore your email messages, a disaster recovery plan must be in place. In the best-case situation, your hosting provider will create numerous copies of your data and maintain them in a secure location away from the main server.

Look for service providers who offer a variety of communication channels such as live chat, phone, email, and support tickets. If you want prompt assistance and detailed guidance, the degree of support knowledge is just as crucial as it is important.

SSL connectivity

SSL Connectivity ensures that all data that is transmitted between your website’s visitors and your hosting server is encrypted using SSL certificates. Because of the potentially sensitive nature of the personal and billing information involved, this is of the utmost importance if you operate an online store.

Anti-spam protection

These days, spam emails make up approximately 45 percent of all messages sent via email. They can be incredibly frustrating and waste your time, and that’s without even mentioning the potential security risks that unsolicited emails bring with them. Your prospective business email hosting company ought to be equipped with cutting-edge anti-spam filters, so your inbox is free of unwanted junk mail.

Create an Impression Through the Use of Professional Email Hosting for Small Business

Thanks to email hosting, no matter where you are, you can always maintain contact with your business’s customers, clients, employees, and other members of any professional network. It would help if you did not worry about the safety and protection of the communication.

Your email recipients will have an easier time recognizing you in their inboxes, contributing to developing a brand recall that strengthens your reputation. Email hosting allows you to create a flawless “first impression” that remains in people’s minds.

Choose an email service provider that understands your requirements and can offer you a solution that enables you to communicate, expand, and succeed in your endeavors.

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