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Email Hosting Services: Essential Benefits for Small Businesses

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Today, business partners and MSPs understand the relevance of email hosting services. In fact, it has become integral to maintain a positive image in the competitive marketplace. Besides, your potential customers deserve more than just a superficial or ordinary email hosting services.

It is a new era where dedicated email hosting service providers ensure ultra-protection and integrity for small and medium-sized businesses. Here’s a detailed outlook of essential benefits that you can avail from a professional email hosting service:

Comprehensive Support

SMBs don’t have to succumb to traditional email hosting service models that cost more and waste time. Instead, your business circle needs a compatible email hosting service that offers full support amidst technical issues. Better support means less distraction and more focus on the tasks that matter.

Gone are the days when businesses had to rely on bogged down and outdated technology applications that offered more issues than solutions. On the other hand, with a reliable hosting email service, you can get all the technical support you need to maintain your business’s operational activities.

It is how MSPs assures to resolve any technical issues as effectively and quickly as possible. With a reputable cloud-hosted email service, business partners can take a sigh of relief by knowing that their emails serve as a bridge of communication for clients and staff.

Data Protection

Contrary to misguided perception, a sophisticated email hosting service comes with a wide array of features than people realize. iSecure, for instance, is responsible for complete email security that helps businesses remain compliant with email continuity and archiving.

Businesses need to realize that conventional internet security can no longer grant the same level of data protection as cloud-hosted email service providers. A well-balanced hosting email service can help you maintain and navigate integrated features and ensure the safety of your valuable data.

Whether its email spoofing, hacking, or fraud; the cybersecurity features of a hosted email service provider can make all the difference. The same standards apply to regular data backup and disaster-recovery features that offer an extra layer of protection in case of data corruption problems or unintentional email deletion.

Reduced Management Costs

The total cost of cloud-based email service is comparatively less than traditional in-house email service. Besides, the vast majority of MSPs want to make the most out of economies of scale. It is an opportunity to acquire relevant online licenses at a low price and manage email accounts better than an average firm.

From initial setup to email migration to additional service requests, businesses can get rid of extraneous management costs that impact productivity standards and hamper the staff’s morale. What is interesting is that once your business no longer relies on, or is at the mercy of outside help or resources, it further brings down the costs.

More Scalability and Productivity

Your hosted email service must be able to help your business grow to new heights of success. Whether you are receiving or sending a huge quantity of emails, your hosted managed service must be flexible and scalable to offer optimal business support.

The difference might be subtle, but it is what differentiates the good and great email hosting service. Ideally, your business should have large mailboxes as per default so that you can take care of a multitude of emails effortlessly.

It is one of the reasons Gmail or Microsoft Outlook comes with webmail interfaces and desktop apps. Additionally, the availability of apps on mobile devices makes it easier to use and access important information.

Virus and Spam Protection

The internet is crawling with an ocean of malware and security threats that can jeopardize your business. In fact, insecure email service would cause more damage to your business by allowing hackers a chance to breach into your servers.

Conversely, a secure email service provider offers the level of security your business needs in today’s technologically advanced world. You need to avoid numerous intrusions that may come in the form of viruses or spam emails.

For example, iSecure can take care of invasive and dangerous network threats that your business might not be aware of. Small things matter and iSecure thwarts all the malicious activities from your emails. Also, it offers automatic email encryption for SOX, GLB, HIPAA compliance. The design and equipped features of iSecure can safeguard any email server. You can get the security suite for the protection of G-Mail, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Kerio Connect.

Better Collaboration and Reliability

For the sake of collaboration and reliable email experience, you need integrated email tools to share documents, schedule new meetings via calendars, converse via chat-system, and conduct video call sessions. The higher the availability of these features, the more collaborative experience for clients.

The reliable nature of cloud-servers maintains the email hosting service even when a website hosting service is down. It means you can conduct business activities without any interruptions. Furthermore, the same reliability improves the level of communication with business partners and clients.

Higher Performance and Email Filtering

Utilizing a robust email hosting service ensures that your business productivity is at its finest since you can communicate flawlessly with your clients, suppliers, and staff of the organization.

Businesses, for instance, often realize quite late that most of their inbox emails are nothing but spam emails. The manual review process undeniably takes more time to sort out inbox. However, email filtering eliminates those spam emails from your inbox folder. Consequently, you save time and energy for everyone involved in the company.

What Makes Kerio Connect So Unique?

Kerio Connect represents a perfect combination of email tools, security, IM, calendar, and collaborative experience that your businesses should have at a nominal cost. The functionality and features of collaboration for IM are impeccable.

Unlike other hosted email service providers, businesses don’t have to deal with complicated technical issues that often befuddle everyone. The integrated email service comes with contact management, shared calendars, public folders, and synchronized messages. In fact, the XMPP compatible IM allows you to connect with a third-party mobile or desktop app in a heartbeat.

Also, Kerio Connect is easy to deploy, use, and manage for businesses that may not be IT experts. However, it entirely up to you whether you want to deploy Kerio Connect on a dedicated cloud or on-premise environment.

Moreover, the web administration and configuration of the Kerio Connect is as simple as it gets. You can even configure the new settings from an iPad. In addition, SSL encryption, anti-virus, and anti-spam tools heighten the security level of your emails. It is built-in security for your business to avoid data loss and fraudulent claims through automated data backup and restore options.


It is true – not all email hosting services are equal or share similar features. Your criteria should be to look for a hosting email service with core functionality that caters to your business. Managed email hosting services, after all, are more cost-efficient, secure, and provide management of in-house email servers.

Nevertheless, the last thing your business wants is flagged emails and overlapped email accounts that that would inherently leave a bad impression on your offered products or services. Fortunately, the IT revolution paved the way for technological advancement to further improve integrated email hosting services.

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