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Cloud based VOIP hosted PBX for small to mid-sized business

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iSync.io is excited to announce that we are now offering cloud based VOIP hosted PBX small to mid-sized business; Tel-iSync VOIP service. Why? Because VOIP is a big part of todays small to mid-sized business needs. Tel-iSync is a hosted VOIP phone service that does everything you would want a phone service to do, with no hidden costs, and starts as low as $25/user/month for UNLIMITED minutes.

In the old days, when someone wanted a business telephone line, they would need their local phone company, or their local cable company, to come out to their location and set it up…which could often take a few weeks. And, all the features that make it really useful start to make it really expensive. With Tel-iSync, not only will you get many more features than the local phone providers can give you, but it will cost less and can be setup in a matter of hours. Tel-iSync includes all the features of a fancy and  expensive business phone system without having  to buy the phone system.

Tel-iSync VOIP hosted PBX for small to mid-sized business is in the cloud, which means it is accessible anywhere. In fact, you do not have to buy a physical phone!  The Tel-iSync VOIP service can run from software right on your computer, tablet or smartphone. If you prefer a cool looking desk phone, with a dynamic screen and lots of fancy buttons, we have those for you as well.

Why should you switch to VOIP? First and foremost, if you want the features of a business phone system and you do not want to spend the money, Tel-iSync is a great alternative. Tel-iSync is great for telecommuters. If you have remote employees and you want to be able to transfer calls, a VOIP service is a great way to handle that.

The cost per phone call is far less with Tel-iSync, since we provide our customers with very reasonable unlimited calling plans. Productivity can increase because you can take your phone with you anywhere you go without having to forward your calls. Finally, as your business grows, our VOIP service is fully expandable and cost effective which will save you time and money.


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