Customizing the appearance of Kerio Connect Client

To customize the appearance of your Kerio Connect Client, you can:

  • Change the color theme
  • Select the position of the message preview pane
  • Hide the folders menu
  • Changing the color theme

The default color of Kerio Connect Client is blue. To select a different color theme, click your name in Kerio Connect Client and select Change theme.

Previewing messages

In Kerio Connect Client, you can preview your email messages on the right, on the bottom, or you can hide the preview window.

To select where to display previews of messages:

  1. Click Tools > Settings (in Windows Client), or Kerio Connect > Settings (in Mac Client), or your name > Settings (in Web Client).
  2. Go to the Email section.
  3. In the Preview pane section, select the position of the pane or disable it.
  4. Click Save.

Hiding the folders menu

To save some space on your screen, you can hide the folder tree on the left.

Click the blue double-arrow button  under the Search box.

You can hide the tree regardless of the position of the preview pane.

To display the folder tree, click the blue double-arrow again.

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