How to Set the greeting for an Auto Attendant

Setting up an Auto Attendant Greeting

Please keep in mind that only office administrators are able to make changes to auto attendants.

  1. First step would be logging into the portal. please log in using this link:
  2. Once logged in as an office administrator, you should be able to see the page similarly as image below. Click on 'Auto Attendant' tab.


3. Then it should show a list of auto attendants you have. Click on the name in blue of Auto attendant that you would like to change the greetings of. For my example, I am going to use 'test'


4. Once you click the name of auto attendants, it should show a page like below:


5. Click on the little pencil mark under Menu Prompt. A pop up menu will appear and let you choose three options to set the greetings. Text to speech, upload or record.


6. Once done, hit 'Save' in blue. Then the audio file should be uploaded to the auto attendant.


-Text to speech: It will let you type a message and choose a voice to read the message you've set as a greeting.

-Upload: Lets you browse the local computer to upload a recorded file in .wav/.mp3 format.

-Record: Once you type in an extension or even an external number, a call will be given out with the recording prompt. Once finished, it will play the recorded message on the auto attendant greeting. 


Note: Intro greeting for auto attendant can be set up the same way. It will be the message played before the menu prompt message. 

Generally, people would like to keep one message played throughout the auto attendant. If you think you will frequently change the menu options, setting up an intro greeting might be helpful. This way, one message will always be the same such as "Thank you for calling Viirtue." and then the message afterward can be changed depending on your menu options.

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