Managing user mobile devices

Each user can synchronize their Kerio Connect account with an unlimited number of mobile devices which support Exchange ActiveSync 2.5-16.


You can disable Exchange ActiveSync 16 for older devices. For more information refer to Setting a compatible Exchange ActiveSync version for specific mobile devices.

In Kerio Connect 8.4 and older, you must select the Allow synchronization of unsupported Exchange ActiveSync devices option in Configuration > Advanced Options > Miscellaneous to allow synchronization of all devices.

Viewing users devices

In the administration interface, you can view information about all devices connected to user accounts.

  1. Go to Accounts > Users.
  2. Select a user and click More Actions > Mobile Devices. This displays a list of user's devices.
  3. Select a device and
  • Click Details to view information about the device
  • Click Remove to delete unused devices from the list
  • Click Wipe to delete data from the device

Blocking specific types of devices

In Kerio Connect, you can block all devices of a specific type by editing the configuration file.

  1. Stop the Kerio Connect engine.
  2. Open the mailserver.cfg file in a text editor.
  3. Locate the BlockedDevices section.
  4. Add the device types you want to block in the following format: <variable name="DeviceType">iPod</variable>. The list may look like this:<list name="BlockedDevices"><listitem><variable name="DeviceType">iPod</variable></listitem><listitem><variable name="DeviceType">WP8</variable></listitem></list>


You can find the device type string in the Debug log. (For more information refer to Managing logs in Kerio Connect.)

To start logging information about Exchange ActiveSync devices, right-click in the log area and select Messages > ActiveSync Synchronization.

The line to search for may look like this:

[22/Jun/2015 21:38:58][4892] {activesync} Receiving request from Version: 12.1, Command: Ping, Device Id: Appl9C8303NA14N, Policy Key: 1, Device Type: iPod, User: powaro, User Agent: Apple-iPod/705.18

To avoid low performance of your server, disable ActiveSync Synchronization logging after you acquire the UserAgent strings.

  1. Save the mailserver.cfg file.
  2. Start Kerio Connect.

Kerio Connect now blocks connections from all devices of the types you added in the file.

Remotely deleting data from users' device

If users lose their devices, you can delete all the account data from the devices.

  1. In the administration interface, go to Accounts > Users.
  2. Select a user and click More Actions > Mobile Devices.
  3. Select a device and click Wipe.

Once the device connects to the Kerio Connect server, Kerio Connect removes all the account data from the device.


Based on the device type and its operating system, you reset the device completely or you only clear out the account. If the device stores email attachments on a memory card, Kerio Connect deletes the attachments as well.

You can cancel the wipe before the device connects to the Kerio Connect server (click Cancel Wipe).

You can find details of the wipe process in the Security log. (For more information refer to Managing logs in Kerio Connect.)

Users can also wipe their own devices from their Kerio Connect Client. For more information refer to Resetting your mobile device in Kerio Connect Client.

User confirmation of the wipe action - windows mobile

On Windows Mobile operating systems, users must agree that the administrator performs the wipe action. They must confirm a dialog during the first data synchronization between the device and Kerio Connect. If they don't confirm, it is not possible to complete the synchronization process.

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