Making SSL certificates trusted in Safari

Kerio Connect Client on Safari requires a trusted SSL certificate to use the Chat and Presence features. If your server does not use an SSL certificate signed by a trusted Certificate Authority, you can trust the certificate by importing it into your system.

Making SSL certificates trusted in Safari

To import a certificate to your system:

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Log into Kerio Connect Client. During the login the Safari can't verify the identity of the website dialog box opens.

  1. Click Show Certificate.
  2. Select Always trust when connecting to

  1. Click Continue. A verification dialog box opens.
  2. To confirm the SSL certificate as always trusted, type a password of the user with administration rights to the system.

  1. Click Update Settings. The Kerio Connect Client login dialog opens.

Log into Kerio Connect Client and verify that Chat works properly.

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