How to enable SSLv2 support

Some email clients may not support SSLv3 and may fail to connect to Kerio Connect due to SSL version incompatibility. Because of this it may be required to enable old SSLv2 support in order to support these clients.

This topic contains modification of configuration file so it is needed to restart Kerio Connect service.

  1. Stop Kerio Connect service
  2. Open configuration file mailserver.cfg located in following directory by default:
  • C:\Program Files\Kerio\MailServer on Microsoft Windows system.
  • /opt/kerio/mailserver on Linux based system.
  • /usr/local/kerio/mailserver on Mac OS X based system.
  1. Locate following option in the <>Security section of the configuration file: <><variable name="DisableSSLv2">1</variable>
  2. Change its value to "0" as follows: <><variable name="DisableSSLv2">0</variable>
  3. Save configuration file and start Kerio Connect service

Now is SSLv2 support enabled for Kerio Connect service.

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