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Kerio Connect Hosting: Sync your iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac and Android Device

Simultaneous Updates Across Your iOS or Android Mobile Device Kerio Connect hosting is a synchronization superstar, and whether you were first in line to get the latest iPhone or are still faithfully relying on your Symbian-based smartphone, our Kerio Connect hosting uses direct push synchronization so the information on your computer always matches up with what comes across on your smartphone screen.

Microsoft and Google are common names associated with synchronization tools, but goes even further than what those brands can offer. We allow you to browse through public and shared folders and specify which you want synchronized with your mobile device. This feature cuts down on clutter and ensures that as long as you’ve got your mobile device in hand, you can instantly access shared folders, without shuffling through ones that aren’t relevant.

Two Synchronization Methods to Choose From

If you’re planning to use Kerio Connect with iOS or Android get ready to take advantage of features that offer a smooth experience both during setup and regular use. Use a Configuration Profile that’s made for the Apple iOS to seamlessly sync shared contacts and calendars, e-mail, contacts and public folders.

While using Kerio Connect, you can configure your mobile device in one of two ways. The first is to use the open standard IMAP, CardDAV and CalDAV protocols to link your e-mail, contact and calendars. For a more streamlined approach, use the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocol. We include this at no charge with every mailbox!

Getting Down to Specifics

With a quick, easy setup on your device, you can sync e-mail, contact and calendars , add, rename or delete calendars, synchronize tasks from the Reminders app, and even read and send signed or encrypted e-mails. hosted Kerio Connect makes synchronization a snap on any mobile device you use.

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  • Congratulations…this is the most amazing cloud based service I have ever encountered. We have never attempted a migration that went so flawlessly. I’m astonished. The backend system is perfection and insanely powerful.
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