iSecure Email Continuity Keeps Your Business Connected During an Email Outage

When email is down … but you cannot be out

Email is essential for business. Traditional approaches to email continuity, designed to ensure high availability with on-premise email deployments, have proven costly and ineffective and left organizations with continued outages. An email outage can be costly and disruptive. With iSecure by Email Continuity solution, even if your email server or hosted email service, such as Kerio Connect, Microsoft Exchange or Office 365, goes down, your email will remain accessible.

iSecure Email Continuity displays all spooled mail in the Emergency Inbox through a web-based user interface. 30-day spooling provides always-on SMTP deferral, failover & queue protection, thus allowing users to read, reply to and send new emails via the Emergency Inbox. When delivery is restored, email will automatically flow to the downstream mail server along with any replies and new emails that have been sent while delivery was unavailable.

Benefits of Email Continuity

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  • Congratulations…this is the most amazing cloud based service I have ever encountered. We have never attempted a migration that went so flawlessly. I’m astonished. The backend system is perfection and insanely powerful.
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