Hosted Email Security Gateway Advanced Spam Protection, Virus Protection and Outbound Email Data Leak Prevention

Email Security From Hosted Security Gateway for Email provides easy-to-use features to analyze, manage, and report on the inbound and outbound email for MDaemon, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Kerio Connect, Gmail and well… most any SMTP server.

Hosted Security Gateway incorporates multiple defense layers that deliver comprehensive protection in front of your email server or cloud email solution to prevent spam, phishing, viruses, and other email threats.

Keeping your business data private is a very real concern in today’s online world. Using the sieve mail filtering language, iSync’s Hosted Security Gateway for Emai offers superior management and monitoring of all inbound and outbound email traffic.

Protection from External Email Threats Hosted Security Gateway for Email performs multiple security tests on inbound email, to block outside threats from gaining access to your email system. These tests help keep the bad guys out of your business making sure that spammers do not have a single point of entry into your email solution in which they can exploit.

Protection from Internal Email Threats and Data Leaks Hosted Security Gateway for Email is an enterprise class email security solution that not only blocks threats from the outside world, but also from keeps your secure data private from within. Security Gateway’s fully customizable data leak prevention rules and email privacy policy enforcement helps keep your company’s data safe.

Detailed Logs and Comprehensive Reports’s Hosted Security Gateway provides simple to read real time logs for administrators and users, showing the status of delivered, quarantined, rejected email and better yet, the reason the email was rejected or quarantined. Security Gateway’s reporting was designed to help identify mail traffic patterns and potential problems so you may customize your email security needs.

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  • Congratulations…this is the most amazing cloud based service I have ever encountered. We have never attempted a migration that went so flawlessly. I’m astonished. The backend system is perfection and insanely powerful.
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