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Tel-iSync VOIP

Get Vocal With Tel-iSync VOIP In The Cloud

Deploy and manage your company’s entire phone system in the cloud using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology. Tel-iSync hosted VOIP PBX phone system from allows you peace of mind with enterprise-class VMWare ESXi and VMotion redundancy running on expensive systems that would typically not be possible nor practical in-house. Tel-iSync solutions include every bell and whistle an enterprise VOIP telephone system has to offer.

Extensive Tel-iSync features include:

Need SIP?

Our Hosted Tel-iSync VOIP phone service includes the ability for you to BYOS (Bring Your Own SIP) service. does not sell SIP services however, we do have a few providers that work well with our services. Tell us what you need, and will make sure you have everything you require and then some.

  • Congratulations…this is the most amazing cloud based service I have ever encountered. We have never attempted a migration that went so flawlessly. I’m astonished. The backend system is perfection and insanely powerful.
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