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Why Are Businesses Switching to VOIP?

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If you’re a business owner or leader, you’ve probably been hearing about VOIP for a number of years. However, the idea of using the internet to make phone calls may still cause hesitation. Is it safe? Is the quality of the conversation good? This is important in understanding why businesses are switching to VOIP.

The truth is that Voice Over IP services are the most cost-effective and high-quality way to set up your phone system. Businesses are moving away from traditional landline phones to VOIP in droves.

Why are they choosing VOIP? Here are just a few of the benefits they are realizing.

Low Costs Help Reduce Overhead

Because VOIP uses the internet for calling, the cost is significantly lower. Landline phones use physical lines, and a call uses up a line for a period of time. That means the total volume of calls is limited, and each one is more expensive.

With VOIP, the call is converted to packets and sent over the IP network. Whether you’re making a domestic or long-distance call, you aren’t using physical infrastructure so you don’t have to pay as much.

Many plans allow you to make an unlimited number of calls to any state in the lower 48 of the United States free — included in the program’s cost.

VOIP is More Secure Than a Traditional Line

You might wonder if calls made over the internet are safe. The truth is that VOIP is more secure than a traditional phone line. These new systems use encryption to keep your phone data private as it is transported, which conventional phone lines can’t do.

If you’re concerned about private business data being intercepted and shared, you definitely want to choose a VOIP phone system instead of a traditional landline.

If you use a hosted PBX solution, your service won’t be interrupted by local weather events. The service is based on the hardware’s location, and you don’t need to have that equipment installed onsite.

A High Quality Of Service (QOS)

Many VOIP providers have plans that offer quality of service (QOS) guarantees. The person you call won’t be able to tell that you’re using VOIP rather than a landline — in fact, the quality might be better!

Today’s technology means that VOIP calling is clear, easy-to-hear, and reliable. If you lose internet service, you can have preset call-forwarding send your calls to another line, giving you reliable backup.

Best of all, you can get this high-quality service anywhere. You can use your VOIP system from multiple devices, which allows you to stay in touch no matter where you are.

If you move your business location, you no longer need to spend days getting your phones transferred. This system moves with you seamlessly, making it easy to stay agile and flexible.

VOIP is a Great Choice for Any Business

VOIP’s low cost, high security, and the variety of options make it an excellent choice for any company. If you’re curious about moving forward with VOIP, think about whether these benefits would make a difference in your business. We’re betting they will!

We’d love to help you get started with your new VOIP phone system. Contact us for more information today or visit our Tel-iSync VOIP page now.

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