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VoIP Service, Teli-Sync by iSync.io, Is Catering to Today’s Business Needs

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Teli-Sync VoIP Service is Taking Off…

VoIP solutions aren’t exactly new to the business scene, but the way business owners use and engage with the benefits has evolved over the years. The VoIP industry is expected to grow to $55 billion by 2025, so there’s still a significant amount of growth ahead for the space. Let’s take a closer look at why that is and what a VoIP service offer small and mid-sized businesses.

If you’re not familiar with VoIP, is stands for Voice Over IP. VoIP allows you to take and receive calls via the internet without using the physical infrastructure of a landline. This means you can receive calls aimed at your office phone while you’re out, and the cost per line is significantly lower because there is no “line.”

At Sync.io, our VoIP solution is called Tel-iSync. It completely replaces your traditional PBX (multi-phone office ecosystem, called a Private Branch Exchange) and it’s built specifically to give small and mid-sized businesses the ability to expand their capabilities and lower their overhead costs. It also includes a free smartphone app to turn your mobile phone into a virtual office phone.

A few years ago, VoIP services were too expensive to be accessible to small businesses with tight budgets. But costs have lowered and the quality of the service has improved, making VoIP the right choice for businesses of all sizes.

Here are a few of the benefits associated with the Tel-iSync system:

  • Automatically greet callers and route them anywhere using our Auto Attendant
  • Set up call queues for offices with longer than normal holding times, and capture detailed data about call volume and responses
  • Chat with coworkers on the web and see whether they’re currently on the phone with a single glance
  • Have voicemails delivered to your email with caller ID, the .wav file, and a full transcription of the voicemail text

These are just a few of the ways Tel-iSync is serving our clients and making it easier for them to manage their businesses, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as the workforce is increasingly remote and decentralized. Gone are the days of exclusively using office equipment for daily activities, and phone management should be no different.

Over the next few years, expect to see VoIP service usage continue to expand. Here are a few trends we might expect to see:

  • Integration of other types of communication along with VoIP services, like voice calling along with video conferencing, web chat, email, and more. This one-stop shop concept is being called “unified communication as a service” (UCaaS), and we’re already servicing those needs with Tel-iSync’s online chat and voicemail-to-email integration.
  • AI features alongside VoIP, predicting call volume, assigning customers to the right representative for their needs, and otherwise using predictive data to anticipate needs and simplify communication.

Ultimately, only time will tell how VoIP continues to evolve and what features we’ll see in the future. In the meantime, rest assured that Tel-iSync is a robust, cost-effective solutions for today’s businesses. Learn more about Tel-iSync here.

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