Version 6.0 of Security Gateway for Email Servers Unveiled, Includes Enhanced Outbound Data Leak Protection

Security gateway for email protects inbound email and outbound email
Protect your business email from viruses, spam, malware and data leaks with

As email technology
continues to evolve, so do the various threats trying to enter your business
through said email. Nearly every email tool on the planet has some level of
protection against spam and phishing, even if it’s simply dropping a suspicious
message into a spam folder.

But is that enough? After
all, dangerous emails entering your business server aren’t usually disguised as
overseas royalty delivering your inheritance (just send your bank account info,
they’ll deposit it directly!). An influx of risky emails can mean reduced server
performance, not to mention extra work for IT staff. And that’s just incoming
messages – what do you have in place to filter outgoing messages for
potentially damaging info?

Security Gateway for Email adds an extra layer of email security to both inbound and outbound messages. Compatible with any email server, including O365, Security Gateway is an easy-to-use, customizable, and low cost solution to protect your business. Not only does Security Gateway guard against spam, phishing attacks, malware, and account takeover attempts, it also prevents sensitive data from leaving your company using Data Leak Protection rules.

So, what are you doing to keep the bad out, and the good in? For more information about Security Gateway and how it can protect your organization, contact us now.

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