Users Manage Their Own Quarantines in Security Gateway for Email

As anyone working in IT knows, there’s a LOT of spam emails hitting your server. 14.5 billion spam emails, to be exact. That’s how many dangerous messages are sent globally each day, and the US is at the very top of the list for countries most affected by said emails*.

Spam email cost businesses bigCombatting spam messages, in addition to resetting passwords, provisioning new licenses, and managing other day-to-day IT tasks makes for a very long to-do list. A good email gateway definitely helps to lighten the load, and Security Gateway for Email Servers provides the added bonus of user-controlled quarantine reports.

Security Gateway’s built-in security settings can manage messages that fail the security check three different ways: accept, refuse, or quarantine. If administrators choose to default to quarantine, failed message reports will automatically go to end users so that they can decide what to do with the message, taking one more task off the admins hands.

  1. Click on “Setup/Users” in the left-hand menu
  2. Click “Mail Configuration” in the new sub-menu, and select “Quarantine Configuration” from the dropdown
  3. Click the “Hold quarantined messages on the server” radio button
  4. Choose how often you want your users to receive quarantine reports
  5. Click green “Save” button at the top
  6. Users can now view personal quarantine reports and choose to Release, Always Allow, or Blacklist emails and senders

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