Phishing Scams – Don’t Take the Bait

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It seems that no matter
what email tool you use or how many time you change your password, you still
end up getting and sometimes even sending spam emails (thanks a lot Facebook
quiz, I just wanted to know what type of corgi I was).

All email servers can
benefit from additional filtering tools to keep the spam, malware, and phishing
attempts at bay. But wait, you already have a good spam filter in place, you
say? You actually probably do! Most email security products catch 99% of the
spam that hits your server.

Consider this, however.
In late 2018, 281 billion emails were sent daily, with 151 billion of them being spam. Even if a spam filter catches 99%,
that’s still 1,510,000,000 spam messages that made it through – each day!

Another problem is, as
security products continue to improve, spammers also improve, getting more
creative and convincing as they go. Though spam mail has decreased in volume, it is more dangerous than ever, with cryptojacking overtaking ransomware the soup du jour of cybercriminals.

Feeling a little less
confident in your email security? One thing that every company can do to
protect themselves, no matter size, industry, or revenue, is ongoing email
safety training. And being able to recognize a phishing attempt is at the top
of that training agenda.

This email highlights
a few of the ways a phisher might trick a recipient into opening a malicious
ISO file.

Though spotting bogus emails used to be a
little easier, phishers have begun to use spell check, and make their emails
appear official and urgent. Safeguard your organization using some of the Top
10 Protection Tips below.

For more information about SecurityGateway and how it can protect your
organization, contact us now.

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