hosted email security with enhanced data leak prevention email security in the cloud


From the leanest of small and mid-size startups to the largest of enterprise businesses, every business creates a database of customer and employee info, and much of it is sensitive. How much of your info is stored at work? At least your home address, cell phone number, and social security number, right? And your business probably stores the billing addresses, email addresses, and tax ID numbers of your customers.

As such, all parties involved should be
interested and involved in protecting this data. Of course almost all companies
have rules about what is gathered, where it’s stored, and how it’s shared, as
well as policies and procedures in place should that data become compromised.
But the behavior of a single employee can still place that personal information
in jeopardy.

So what else can you do to keep private info… well… private?!

Hosted SecurityGateway for Email Servers helps prevent delicate data from being leaked by scanning outbound messages for info like bank account numbers and social security numbers, and preventing those messages from being sent. Additional custom data leak prevention rules can be layered on top of this out-of-the box solution to further fit your business needs.

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