How Cloud Email Security Works

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What exactly does “Cloud Email Security” refer to?

Phishing is the biggest cause of data breaches, accounting for more than a third of instances, according to the 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) published by Verizon. In addition to that, it is by far the most typical delivery technique for ransomware.

These days, most businesses have switched to email platforms hosted in the cloud and support a distributed or remote workforce. Both of these aspects contribute to the necessity of a cloud email security solution that can accommodate an organization that is expanding and is spread. Cloud Email Security

The email was developed so that individuals could communicate more easily. However, it was not intended to ensure the confidentiality of the data. Despite this, email has always been one of the most common ways for people to exchange sensitive information, particularly within businesses. This is when the necessity of email security becomes clear.

Email is a typical method for organizations to communicate secret information regarding customers, employees, and projects. Other popular examples include the payment of invoices received via email and even the sending of passwords and credentials, both of which should be avoided because they are less secure and are not encouraged.

Hackers are aware of all of this information, and they use it to their advantage. Because of this, to safeguard yourself, you need to understand what email security is, the fallacies surrounding the topic, and, most importantly, how email protection operates.

Why Is It Necessary to Have a Secure Email Gateway?

Phishing and other forms of online attacks are common methods that hackers use to gain access to the confidential data of a corporation. The most common target for these attacks is email. Email is a vulnerable spot within business networks, and the tactics used to attack email are becoming more specific and advanced. Phishing scams, ransomware, and infected attachments are just a few examples of the increasingly sophisticated online attacks that businesses in every sector must defend themselves against.

Your organization ought to have a Cloud Email Security Gateway as its primary line of defense. These solutions safeguard enterprises by preventing the delivery of dangerous emails into inboxes and blocking malicious material contained within emails.

What is the operation behind secure email gateways?

Secure Email Gateways can be considered a collection of several different technologies that, when used together, can potentially stop threats provided by email in an efficient manner. They do this by functioning as a firewall and enforcing a set of rules on the kind of emails that are permitted to enter and depart your email network. This protects the integrity of your email communications. They investigate every incoming and outgoing suspicious email in order to protect your employees from receiving potentially hazardous content in their email inboxes by preventing the delivery of malicious emails. They also offer extra capabilities like security against viruses and malware, screening of spam and content, email archiving, and a variety of other similar features.

Multiple cloud-based architectural frameworks have the potential to perform the function of serving as the basis for secure email gateways. The featured items in this category make use of architectures that are either based on public clouds, hybrids of public clouds and virtual appliances, or a combination of the two types of architectures. This suggests that they are all hosted in the cloud and that they use a cloud-based system to filter incoming email traffic. When utilizing a framework that is based on the cloud, deployment and maintenance are simplified, and there is no requirement to install or maintain any hardware. In addition, there is no need to worry about backups.

Secure Email Gateways operate on the network level to filter emails before they are delivered to users’ inboxes. As a result, they have no effect whatsoever on the devices used by end users. This indicates that they provide a high level of safety for email clients installed on all devices and not just those that the firm uses. Protecting employees who work remotely or bring their laptops to work is now possible thanks to this feature. In addition, the functionality of these devices is unaffected by their presence.

The Primary Attributes Of Cloud-Based Email Protection

Cloud email security solutions are intended to offer comprehensive protection against cyberattacks that are transmitted via email. The following are important aspects that should be included in any cloud-based email security solution:

Anti-Phishing Methods Phishing attacks are becoming more complex, making it more difficult to identify and prevent them. A security solution for cloud email should be able to prevent even the most complex assaults, such as impersonation and business email compromise (BEC).

Protection from Malware

Malware that is spread by email may include built-in evasion strategies and defenses that make identification and analysis more difficult. Analysis should be performed by an email security solution to detect malware that has been concealed and quickly provide cleansed files.

Protection Against Account Takeover Assaults

The expansion of remote work has increased the frequency of account takeover attacks. Behavioral analytics should be incorporated into an email security system so that warning indicators of abnormal or malicious activity may be recognized and remedial action can be taken to protect sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance.

Email is a typical vector for data leakage, and businesses have a wide variety of sensitive data entrusted to them. Data loss protection ensures that none of this data is compromised. Email security solutions should enable users to create their own policies to protect sensitive data and assist with attempts to comply with regulations.

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