Hosted Security Gateway vs. Barracuda Essentials

Most email security products do the same thing – protect your inbound and outbound messages from spam, phishing, and take-over attempts. But there are a few features that go the extra mile in protecting your users and their emails. Does your email security solution have them? And it must cost a pretty penny if they do include these features, right?

WRONG! Hosted Security Gateway for Email Servers performs above the competitors by offering additional safety features without the additional costs.

Compared to Barracuda Essentials, Security Gateway offers several more features, listed below:

  • Location Screening
  • Message Certification
  • Greylisting
  • Callback Verification
  • IP Shielding
  • Tarpitting
  • Text Extraction from Attachments
  • Policy Enforcement using Sieve Filter Language
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Mobile-Optimized Web-based Control Panel GUI
  • Domain/IP Binding for Multi-IP Environments
  • Support for “Let’s Encrypt”
  • Attachment Encrypting
  • Outbound Global, Domain and Quarantined Message Logs
  • Outbound and HTTP Historical Logs
  • Real-Time Charting

I know what you’re thinking… “All those extra goodies must cost a ton!” Nope! Security Gateway for Email Servers cost considerably less!

Want to learn more about’s hosted Barracuda alternative? Contact us now.

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