Hosted MDaemon Security Gateway protection for email

Most companies rely on email for critical business
communications, but as the threat landscape continues to evolve, they need an
email security solution that will protect their business from the latest email-borne

SecurityGateway for email provides powerful inbound and outbound protection in an easy-to-use low-cost gateway product.

Developed with over twenty years of trusted email security expertise, SecurityGateway for email provides simple, powerful and accurate protection against spam, phishing attacks, malware, account takeover attempts, data leaks, and much more. Its high-performance design provides fast data transactions and swift email throughput, allowing email servers to operate more efficiently to deliver legitimate email to users.

Easy to use features allow IT administrators to analyze and
manage inbound and outbound email traffic from anywhere with a web browser and
an internet connection.

Automatic domain and user
creation allows for nearly hands-free maintenance by querying up to four types
of user verification sources. Accounts can also be added manually for greater
flexibility and simplified administration.

SecurityGateway provides superior
feature control to global and domain administrators, as well as to users
themselves. Options allow per-user whitelists and blacklists, and access to
personalized message logs and quarantine settings — making email
administration easy and adaptable.

Users can receive personal
quarantine summaries from SecurityGateway directlyto their Inboxes.

Options are available to release
or block a quarantined message or whitelist the sender right from the email
summary itself.  Links are also provided
to allow users to login to SecurityGateway’s interface to access their own
personalized message logs and individual settings. This unique ability alleviates the burden on administrators by allowing
end users access to their own
quarantine and transcripts to
review possible causes for undelivered email messages.

To meet the needs of diverse
business environments, SecurityGateway features defense layer customization.
This layered approach to security gives global administrators the flexibility
to prioritize the order of operations of SecurityGateway’s multiple security

The anti-spam, anti-virus,
anti-spoofing, and anti-abuse operations can all be reprioritized, resulting in
greater efficiency by allowing the rejection or quarantine of messages at the
earliest point during processing.

You can also create your own
custom Sieve scripts to filter out confidential company data in formats such as
spreadsheets, documents and PDFs.

Use SecurityGateway’s built-in
Data Leak Prevention rules to block transmission of sensitive information such
as Social Security numbers, banking and credit card information, passport numbers,
tax-ID numbers, and much more. Additional custom rules can be created to meet
the needs of your specific business or industry.

Use Location Screening to block
messages from unauthorized countries. Since spam outbreaks originate from all
parts of the globe, blocking email from regions that aren’t relevant to your
business can eliminate a surprising amount of spam.

Protecting your email is only
half of the equation.

goes beyond email security with a variety of graphical reports to help
administrators quickly and easily understand and analyze email traffic and
performance. This comprehensive reporting provides at-a-glance identification
of trends and potential issues, and also helps identify troublesome senders and
delivery areas that can be addressed to further improve server performance.

The easy-to-use, point-and-click,
drill-down functionality allows administrators to quickly and easily analyze a
potential problem. Common SMTP commands and responses in message transcripts
are color-coded for easy investigation and identification of message actions.

In addition to its easy analysis
capability, SecurityGateway incorporates a robust search tool, allowing reports
to be customized in order to show only a desired data set.

The database and server
configuration back-up and restore options allow scheduled, automated backups of
the live database to prevent third-party backup and restoration software from
causing issues.

And with integrated archiving,
SecurityGateway provides a fully indexed and searchable repository of all
messages sent and received. Use the advanced search options to locate messages
based on multiple criteria.

Use the options across the top to
view or download the message, or restore it to the user’s mailbox.

For added convenience, end users
can log into SecurityGateway and search their own archived messages as well.

If you’d like to learn more about how SecurityGateway
can protect your business from email-borne threats, go to and download
your free evaluation today.

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