Email security gateway offers email archiving in the cloud

All security gateway products are designed similarly, and to do the task. Just as Nike and Adidas both produce running shoes, so do SecurityGateway, Spam Titan and Barracuda produce email security solutions. But deciding which running shoe, ahem, security solution is right for you requires more than comparing basic features.

Inbound and outbound email security isn’t the only name of the game – email archiving is an important addition, not just a bell or whistle, in protecting against email tampering, the management of regulated data, and even backing up servers in the event of a natural disasters.

With SecurityGateway, both email security and email archiving come standard without installing, maintaining, and notably, paying for two separate solutions. Save copies of all inbound and outbound messages flowing through your company, and enjoy:

  • A fully indexed and searchable email archive repository
  • Improved email server performance
  • Easily restored email messages
  • Protection against email deletion and tampering
  • Simpler eDiscovery and legal compliance

For more information about SecurityGateway and how it can protect your
organization, contact us now.

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