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Hosted Security Gateway vs. Barracuda Essentials

Most email security products do the same thing – protect your inbound and outbound messages from spam, phishing, and take-over attempts. But there are a few features that go the extra mile in protecting your users and their emails. Does your email security solution have them? And it must cost a pretty penny if they […]

Spot a Phishing Email from a Mile Away with These 10 Tips

Whether to your work or personal account, EVERYBODY has gotten a phishing email. As we continue to rely more and more on email and digital transactions, email scams grow more sophisticated and more dangerous. In 2018, Verizon Data Breach Investigations reported that phishing was used in 93% of breaches. And a breach doesn’t simply mean […]

Partners LOVE the MDaemon secure email cloud

Are you looking to sell hosted MDaemon secure email solutions or MDaemon SecurityGateway in the cloud?  Whether your customer has asked for it or you’re looking to add a hosted email solution to your offerings, we can help. It’s not always easy for resellers to keep customers happy. Good service, competitive pricing, and being seen […]

Email security gateway offers email archiving in the cloud

All security gateway products are designed similarly, and to do the task. Just as Nike and Adidas both produce running shoes, so do SecurityGateway, Spam Titan and Barracuda produce email security solutions. But deciding which running shoe, ahem, security solution is right for you requires more than comparing basic features. Inbound and outbound email security […]

Version 6.0 of Security Gateway for Email Servers Unveiled, Includes Enhanced Outbound Data Leak Protection

Protect your business email from viruses, spam, malware and data leaks with As email technology continues to evolve, so do the various threats trying to enter your business through said email. Nearly every email tool on the planet has some level of protection against spam and phishing, even if it’s simply dropping a suspicious […]

Hosted MDaemon Security Gateway protection for email

Most companies rely on email for critical business communications, but as the threat landscape continues to evolve, they need an email security solution that will protect their business from the latest email-borne threats.  SecurityGateway for email provides powerful inbound and outbound protection in an easy-to-use low-cost gateway product. Developed with over twenty years of trusted […] hosted email security with enhanced data leak prevention email security in the cloud

  From the leanest of small and mid-size startups to the largest of enterprise businesses, every business creates a database of customer and employee info, and much of it is sensitive. How much of your info is stored at work? At least your home address, cell phone number, and social security number, right? And your […]